Friday, September 29, 2006

I can do the countdown on one hand

I could even do the countdown on one hand if I were a member of the Simpsons! That's a big moment.

That means 4 (unless we don't count today, which I'm not, then it's 3) days to go 'till Rome.

What this means in real life is that I'm taping a note to the back of my chair at work (see you in two weeks, suckas!) and heading straight to the garage to unearth my suitcase.

What lies beyond the suitcase will be nothing short of dramatic, I'm sure. The pile growing on my dresser of "Misc. Shit to Pack" is growing more unwieldy by the hour and I'm praying that my suitcase grows a mother-in-law unit out the back so that I can get everything in there. And, I *may* have organized my packing list on Google Spreadsheets so that I can anal-retentively check boxes off as I pack, unpack and repack my suitcase throughout my trip.

Oh yes, I take my crazy online.

And even though I said that I was done shopping (did I say that out loud?) I *may* do another little run this weekend in the event that my pre-vacation fashion show goes poorly.

What? I haven't told you about how, before every trip I set out each outfit that I'm packing and then try each one on? With jewelry, shoes and bag? In the order I plan to wear them? Oh yes. It is true. Awesome crazy, no? And then, after all that, sometimes it turns out that I can't put together enough good outfits, and I have to take stock and go shopping. I anticipate this will happen this weekend.

And then I'll get to Rome, wear the same jeans 4 times (they have a washer and dryer, don't you know) and half of my clothes will come home unworn and will only have served the purpose of Valuable Suitcase Real Estate Placeholders.

Good fun.


  1. bon voyage!

    have a GREAT time!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have I mentioned that I'm jealous?

  3. The V.S.R.E.P. is a classic term!

    And Bombshell, not to disappoint, but... dryers in Italy? Only if you're richy rich. In fact, funny story: I had to wash the sheets for your bed yesterday, so they would be dry by the time you arrive. Just ask me what I miss most about the States...
    "But hanging your laundry is so charming!" (Try it in the dead of winter! Socks hanging off the radiators!)

  4. Lera - Thank you!

    Steven - I'll think of you while I'm ordering my morning coffee and pastry ;)

    Shelley - Oops -- I thought there was a dryer. Guess just a washer, huh? Good to know. Perhaps I can find room in the suitcase for the dryer.

  5. Perhaps it's the only child in me, but I would prefer it if you thought of me while you browsed the jeans at Diesel. (91cm waist 81cm inseam).

  6. Steven - I may bring shame upon myself with this comment, but I will admit to never having shopped at Diesel in Rome. Is it on Via Condotti? It is possible I was distracted by Prada and Ferragamo. Perhaps this trip will bring about a change in my shopping habits...

  7. Via del Corso 188. Via del Corso intersects with Via dei Condotti as you head toward the river.

    Have fun!

  8. The fact that you know the exact address (when I can hardly ever find a street address even when I'm looking directly at the building) is remarkable. Just for that, I will make an effort to go there.


  9. Well, I knew the general area where it was and Google provided the rest.

    However, I tend to overshop in Italy as you can read in my (hypothetical) book,

    Home Equity: Shopping In Italy for The Childless


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