Thursday, July 21, 2011

First things first.


It's been too long.

I mean, I really meant to post as soon as I got home from my fab weekend with Africankelli in Colorado and then right after the biggest moment of the year occurred and then when I remembered that HOLY SHIT I HAVE A RACE THIS WEEKEND AND NEED CONSOLING but, alas, stupid other things have gotten in the way.

Laundry. Work. Walking the dog to get cat food and then not wanting to leave her tied up outside because there was a freaky homeless dude in the only good tie up spot and I knew he'd steal her so I just took her into the store all illegal like and acted like Oh, having a dog in Walgreens is totally normal why are you looking at me weird.

You know, stupid other things.

Anyway - my weekend with Kelli was - of course and just like previous years' trips - completely 100% awesome and exhausting.

People, this woman - my very very good best friend Kelli - has boundless god damned energy. Seriously though. Just to prepare you for the recollection I'm about to share. Because you should know that it all happened in about 2 1/2 days.

I wonder if this girl even KNOWS me. Like, AT ALL. (Best welcome basket EVAR.)

Obviously. We begin every girls' trip with a happy hour. Any old hour will do.
You should know, the happiness only increases by the hour. So, we try out multiple happy hours.
It helps to have beautiful views while drinking heavily. Also, lightning! Fun bonus for drunk people.
This was as wide as my eyes would get. And I swear I'd only had, like, three drinks.
Cocktail desserts!
Hi. Have you had salted oreo cookie ice cream? No? Then you have not lived. A life I'd want to live anyway.
We're both working really hard here to have Not Drunk faces. I do not think we succeeded.
Hey! Fun! I've changed my outfit! And again. I'm trying to look Not Drunk. Yes, this was at lunch.
Guess it's hard to look Not Drunk here.
Well, wouldn't you know there's a beerfest in town. Oh damn.
Plus! Sheila who I love. And - handy - I happened to bring my Dirndl. Weird.
In case you were wondering what every dude I passed actually saw of my Dirndl. Yes. It's obscene. I just thought I'd put it right out there so you don't have to get all peepy on my photos. Unless, of course, you're a fan of the Biergarten Festival, because they definitely captured my best side.
We had our innocent moments with cute babies.
We visited Kelli's friend's uh-mazing garden. I tried to quietly hide out and not leave.
Plus, she has the sweetest puppy. Her name is Snap and LOVE.
Did I mention that Kelli's friend Jan is also a beekeeper? Yeah. We checked her bees. RADNESS.
Also, in being the MOSTESS HOSTESS, Kelli gave me my own dog for the weekend (the black one, Raja, was mine. The cute ass terrier is Kelli's).
Oh, and we went to my first game at Coors Field where the Rockies lost to the Brewers because who gives a crap. Go Giants!
Rockies, Brewers, who cares - new ballpark + margaritas are here.
And because you can't just always be a drunken ass, we went for a hike and a run.
Also, sweating.
Hey Colorado - quit being so fucking beautiful already!

 That Colorado - so sassy.


  1. Sounds like my kind of weekend. Minus the run and hike ;)

  2. Hold the fucking phone. Salted oreo ice cream???? I MUST HAVE THIS. You realize that every vacation will include this on my agenda in the hopes of finding it because it sounds amazing.

    And every Halloween when the kids get boxes and BOXES of Good & Plenty, I will mail them to you because nobody in this house eats them. :/

  3. I just KNEW, when you started a travelogue of your time in Colorado, there would have to be a hike in there somewhere. It's, like, a law that you must hike when in CO. That's why it's the thinnest state in the country, I suppose.

  4. I YOU say Kelli's energy is boundless then surely, if I were ever to witness it in person, I would go into a coma immediately.

  5. oh my homegirl state...god i miss her and her sunshine!!! Glad you had fun!

  6. I love how I'm the 6th comment on a blog about us. And those photos? The one of me presenting my mountains to you? HELLO CHRISTMAS CARD.

    p.s. come back. miss you!


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