Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A video where you will probably see dog poop.

I was picking beans this morning and remembered that someone had said something about "Enough with the bees. What about a tour of the garden?"

Then I went back to picking beans. Because, well, I like picking beans. Especially when I'm on the shady side of the bean tepee where it's not 90 degrees at 8:30am.

Yeah, it's been hot. It's like the weather was all, "Oh, shit - it's 4th of July weekend. We can't have cool weather. People need to sweat their clothes transparent on 4th of July otherwise up will become down and right will become wrong. The world will end! Therefore - let's be hot. Like REAL hot. Like Hide In The House And Watch Le Tour De France Hot."

And then it was. Hot, that is.

And we watched the Tour. And braved the heat to bike for tacos. During which time I wore a skirt and flip flops and rejoiced in the glory that is riding my bike in a skirt. And then we came back home supah quick and lay prone and still in front of the Tour some more. And then napping and cocktailing happened, followed by more cocktails, BBQ with the neighbors, spooning with Jada who does NOT enjoy fireworks (or spooning, except when it's either that or fireworks) and passing out with the attic fan whipping up a tornado in our house in an effort to cool things down because you know we don't have A/C.

Yeah, so this was supposed to be an intro to the video that I took of the garden and I sort of got off track telling you about my 4th of July weekend. Oh well. Now you know I like to ride my bike in a skirt and force the dog to spoon with me.

I'm sure you're better for knowing that.

For the video though...

I was out at the beans, balancing on the back of the garden spying chair trying to get the ones at the very tippy top that I can never reach so who knows why I insisted on having a tepee so fucking tall, when I remembered the video thing. And since I'm very lazy and don't like anything to come between me and my second greatest love of harvesting (Bubba is the first, gin is the third, running is the 542nd and so on), I put the nagging reminder out of my head until I had half a basket of beans picked and was then faced with either moving around to the sunny side of the tepee where it was 90 degrees and rising OR going into the house in search of the camera.

I think you know I went into the house in search of the camera because EW.

It's been hot. And I wasn't quite ready to do HOT again so immediately. Also, wearing a black tank top did not help things.

Anyway. I got the camera and made sure to look over the fences to make sure that my neighbors weren't over there to hear me talking to my camera like a psycho and then I did a little walking, poking and rambling tour of the vegetables, lavender and miscellaneous fruit trees.

For you guys. Because someone I like a lot asked for a video tour of the garden and who am I to turn down a request for self-promotion? No one. That's who. And, hey, I even threw in some non-garden stuff for good measure. Because I'm a giver like that.

The bees make an appearance. Not a meaningful one, but they're there and they say, "Hi."

Also, Jada was kind enough to set aside her busy schedule of napping in different shady spots and looking bored to take us in and out of the video. Thankfully, she decided to save her butt licking for an off-camera moment.

So yeah - if you've ever wondered what it's like to wander through my vegetable garden at around the mid-summer mark, here you go.

I will admit right here, up front before you go pressing Play, that my commentary is the result of 4 days of intense heat that has cooked the personality right out of my soul. So, I'm boring. BUT - if you guys like this kind of thing and want more - I can swear more or do a cartwheel next time I film one of these things.

Your call. Except no cartwheels.


  1. Dude what the F are you feeding your tomatoes and beans???

    You are my new hero.

  2. WOW what a masterpiece...love your garden BUT also love your bees!


  3. You have inspired me to take very many blurry photos of my garden today.

  4. Amazing, beautiful garden!


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