Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm almost done knitting something

Seriously, even if this sweater looks like a pile of horse shit when I'm done, I doubt I'll care because then I'll have officially knit a sweater which is, I think, the hallmark of actually being a knitter.

Not that I haven't been knitting for about eight years now (minus the giant hiatus I just came back from thanks to The Great Wool is Gross on My Skin Realization of 2008) and not like I haven't made a lot of things, but to me, an official Knitter is someone who has the demonstrated ability to make a sweater.

Because what is the annoying first thing anyone asks you when they find out that you knit?

"Did you KNIT that sweater you're wearing?!!"

And if you're not wearing a sweater at the time they will ask you in that same excited about-to-pee-the-floor-with-astonishment voice,

"Can you knit ME a sweater??"

Now, I don't want to knit anyone a sweater because I'm a bitch who's selfish with her time BUT I would like to be able to at least say that I could knit them a sweater if I wanted to which I don't sorry I don't have that kind of free time or whatever.

Yeah, so it's not always fuzzy nice playtime at Finny's house.


I'm almost done with my #1 sweater and I'm pretty excited about it. Mostly because it doesn't look like a total pile of horse shit right now (don't let the photo deceive you - it looks much more promising in person and while drinking) and I still really love the yarn I chose and for which I nearly had to mortgage my house.

I still kinda wish that it were a solid army green rather than this variegated business, but I realize that when I go to buy yarn I have a hard time just picking a normal solid color because it seems boring and I get all distracted by the pretty colors and LOOK HOW FUN THIS ONE IS and I have no real control over my buying habits at that point, so now that I know this about myself, I'll be more aware of my tendencies and will aim to go back and buy a nice solid color yarn for my next sweater.

OH YEAH I SAID IT, PEOPLE: my next sweater.

Which, based on how this one turns out in the end, may be another Hourglass Sweater knitted in a worsted cotton of, perhaps, navy blue. Solid navy blue.

And if I get all big balls it might even have a button placket on one shoulder that I can leave unbuttoned like my TV crush at present so I can pretend I live in his clothes because I'm a weirdo like that.

As a side note, this is a habit in which I indulge while Bubba is out of town, too, so if the sweater is ever knit, Bubba will only be able to go out of town during cold months when it will make sense for me to wear both his clothes and this sweater at the same time.

Otherwise, I might look like a crazy or something.

Anyway, I'll be back with final photos when this sweater is all the way done.

I hope it does not look like shit when I put it on and take a picture otherwise you might just be seeing a photo of it wadded up on the floor looking a lot like someone pitched a tantrum right on it.


  1. Oh, that looks fantastic! But, since I can barely knit a damned headband, I think I'll just watch from the sidelines.

    When you finish the blue one, could you knit me one? ;)

    Oh yah, and I love Anthony Bourdain too. I think we've got the same taste in men 'cause I like Mike Rowe as well (didn't you mention him once?). I think that type is called Smartass.

  2. "...even if this sweater looks like a pile of horse shit..."


    I am falling of my chair with glee. You are lovely.

  3. Wow... OK... just hang in there and finish it. Because if you're anything like me, this post is the self-fulfilling prophecy of you'll never finish it.

  4. Woohoo! You're almost finished!
    Can't wait to see it.

  5. Lookin' good, my friend! Lookin' good.

  6. I agree, that is the first think people ask. I need to knit a sweater just so I can say yes. I also need to knit socks. Really, no one's impressed when I say I knit scarves, hats and blankets... I want to be a real knitter too! I hope you like your sweater because that is the pattern I'm aiming for...

  7. It's fava bean colored!

    Lovely. Great job. Can you knit me a tea cozy?

  8. the sweater is looking fab! love that yarn. I can not wait to see action shots!

  9. As if you weren't already my hero. You bought yarn. You accomplished the project in mind. You made your own sweater.
    Dude, you have so much to teach me!

  10. I knit a pile of shit just like that once, but mine was pink.
    And I wore the hell out of it. To work - everywhere.
    I look at it now, mishapen beyond belief in my closet and giggle, because I put that on my body.. over and over.
    The things we do to force pride, eh?
    Fun blog.


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