Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adopt a crop update: If it were warmer, this would be more impressive

The weather around here has been a finicky son of a bitch lately.

Like, one minute it's 105 degrees and I think I'm going to die and then the next minute it's fucking raining and I'm out turning the sprinklers off and walking the dog with an umbrella.

Is it April? Is it August? Who the hell can tell.

But, the good news is that these plants of mine are making the best of the crazy ass weather. When it's hot, they grow REAL fast and do things that make me go, "OOH! BUBBA! Look what the garden did!" and when it's raining and chilly, they suck up the moisture and don't get that crispy-around-the-edges look that comes with the heat.

It's very efficient out there and I enjoy that. Plus, nothing else has died and I like that even more.

SO, for a crop update - we've got some future pickles out there, people.

And because my third round of cucumber seeding finally took (Hi! I'm here in this wild kingdom! Can you see me?), I think we might also have some future FUTURE pickles in the event that this poor little plant can grow despite the encroaching everything going on around it.

I like to think that this dude feels protected and cozy rather than claustrophobic and frightened by the very enthusiastic nasturtium and borage going HOG ASS WILD around it. I decided to give it some breathing room by turning the protective overhead cage on its side to push back the other cucumber plant and Super Nasturtium so that this guy didn't get lost in the shrub I call my third vegetable bed.

Plus, he was asking for it by doing this:

So, if he wants out - he's out.

And not to be outdone, the other vegetable monsters are doing things like:

Turning into a beet, slowly but surely

Looking a lot like a radish

Growing anew like a strong little beet after I so rudely pulled it out from another bed

Popping out a new tomato every day

Making peas

Making a lettuce hedge

Growing more chard than I can eat

Plus, the bees are busy like they tend to be and this means good things for all those big blossoms opening up all over the garden.

And if the minutia of these posts hasn't already melted your brain, feel free to hop on over to Flickr to mouse over the photos of these vegetable beds to see exactly what goes where and who is overgrowing whom.

Maybe place some bets. I'll take the squash for $100.

Tomato bed, Squash bed, Cucumber Bed, Other Bed


  1. LOVE the bee pictures!

  2. Yummmmmm, fresh beets!
    Your garden is so far ahead of ours......and our weather is fickle too, mostly cold and then teasing us once in awhile with a nice day.

  3. Well, C'mon -- you know I have to take the Beets. For $200 please. Although, that cute little cuke up front is looking mighty hot!

  4. Damn girl, how much did you pay for that sunshine?

  5. I like the bee pictures, too! :) Looks like you're going to be busy busy cooking all of that!

  6. Wow, I also am totally jealous of your weather. We're eating radishes and lettuce, and one of my tomatoes just put forth its first flower.
    I love the bee pictures! So good to see bees - we've had hardly any this year, it's sad.

  7. These are beautiful pics, especially those of the bees! I'm totally jealous - we actually got hit by a frost yesterday morning here in NE Ohio, and it's been chilly up til now, so everything's pretty much stunted and sickly looking. (Aside from those crops that ENJOY the cold). Now we're shooting up to the 70s and maybe 80s, so now I worry a bunch of stuff will be bolting. Can't win with the weather this year.

    But really, you guys have a BEAUTIFUL garden!


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