Monday, December 10, 2007

More fugliness...

When decorating for the holidays, these people were thinking:

"Why should home owners be the only ones with unsightly lights? Apartment complexes can be hideous, too, damnit."
Photo credit: Shelley of At Home in Rome

"We are patriotic maniacs with a love for miniature snowmen and randomly dispersed rope lights. Let's share our joy with the world."

"Christmas is the time of year when I embrace my inner barber."

"I can't decide. Just use them all. BUT - be sure to leave a random bald spot on the lawn. We don't want to be obnoxious."

"Everything in the 'Christmas Lights' box is going up. Regardless of whether it works. And, no, I don't plan to ever look at it, so I'll never know."

"The deer's main food source is luminous ground squirrel droppings. And I won't have this phenomenon of nature go unrecognized at the holidays."

"No one will unload their RV shitter into our gutter if our house doesn't look *just* like the Griswalds. And that is something I can not bear."
Photo credit: Shelley of At Home in Rome

"We couldn't make our candy canes crooked enough on the ground, so we had to take to the sky for maximum crookedness."

"We have a dead tree stump and want everyone to know about it."

"This is the only shape I can make with rope lights."
Photo credit: Shelley of At Home in Rome

"You can only be so heinous with static lights and I will not be restrained."

More soon - cheers.


  1. Rope lighting is an affront to good taste, bad taste and everything in between. I HAVE seen in wrapped around a go-go dancer to good effect, but it was 1994 and I was really wasted.

  2. Yeah, baby! Unleash the fugliness! What in the world were these people thinking? There should be a penalty on their electric bill for "misuse of public utilities."

    Great quotes, BTW. I'm particularly fond of the deer's luminous food source.

  3. Steven - Don't tell my neighbors that they can wear rope lights.

    Shelley - Misuse of public resources? That is awesome and I will inform them that their citation is forthcoming.


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