Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Buone Feste a Tutti

Hi again from Rome, peeps.

I was going to post the final entries (and a few from our eventful and semi-hammered Christmas Eve walk, hello), but alas, there wasn't a lot of time since I left most of my packing for, like, an hour before my flight.

Apparently I'm turning over a bizarre new leaf?

Anyway, I'm back in Rome visiting the aforementioned BFF and will be here eating my weight in mozzarella, funghi, nutella, espresso and prosciutto (probably not all at once) for the next week or so, meaning the posts will be slim until I'm back in town with photos.

At which point, I'll put them all, Fugly lights and ham porn, up here for you to see. Then we'll talk about the insane crash diet I'll be going on to get back in my Sevens.




  1. oh, the jealousy.

    have a great trip! can't wait to see the photos when you return.

  2. Fare buon viaggio!

    If you get the chance (and your hosts approve of the place) try out Volpetti all Scrofa. Cute little place and some salumi to die for.

    For what it's worth if they DON'T approve of it, I want to know why!

  3. Oh man, I've been thinking about you guys! I hope you are having the trip of a lifetime, my friend!


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