Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The new way we're doing shit around here

Just a picture of a cute dog about to eat a squirrel in the woods

So, i have all of these random things i keep wanting to tell you guys about but i get all, "Oh that can't be a post, it's just like one thing about lettuce." so then i keep it in my head until i have more things i can add to a post so that it's not just about lettuce or how this fucking keyboard's shift key is broken but i don't have time to fix it so I can't reliably capitalize things and keep my posts all nice and accurately capitalized and shit and oh here we are.

so instead of waiting until i have time to fix the keyboard or collecting any other items about which to post so that i can appear coherent in any way, i'm just forging ahead with what will likely be a very disjointed and most certainly ill-capitalized post about lettuce so that we can hang out again.

hey, friends! i grow lettuce now.

i mean, yes, i grow it at home in the garden because that's where we eat salad, of which lettuce is a main ingredient, but what i really mean is that i grow aquaponic lettuce (meaning it grows in water that's enriched with the power of fish poo) along with my other crops in the college greenhouse now and it's rad.

And because i've been so nerdy about introducing you to all of my other crops, i thought i'd at least keep some semblance of a theme, here.

Everyone, this is lettuce. Lettuce, this is everyone. and hey! the shift key worked, like, twice right there.
so, yeah - lettuce. i grow it all hydroponic-like in our greenhouse and then when there are a bunch of baby seedlings left over, i bring them home to my garden because i don't know when to just knock it the hell off.

one week's worth of leftover lettuce seedlings and then OH HEY here are some seeds that were donated to the program/my front yard meadow.

turns out that the hydro lettuce also likes soil growing because it's flexy that way.
Also from the world of I Miss you guys So i'm posting even though my Shift key doesn't work fOr shit - i'm not doing NaNoWriMo again this year.

i mean, i just don't see any way that it could happen. even if a hungry wormhole opened up and swallowed half of the projects i'm working on right now, i'd still be a bit frantic to be putting down 1,667 words a day.

So, boo. next year I hope to get back at it - writing stories about purple alien boyfriends with three dicks and such. which, yes, i did write about in year 1 and no i don't actually plan to revisit. it was sort you say...absurd. perhaps i was drinking when i set out on day 1? i mean, maybe.

And while we're getting used to the new format of I Blast Randomness at you In the Name of Us All still hanging Out - here's some shit from the last month that i've wanted to post about but failed to find the brainpower/time/energy for. in bulleted list form because, hello, we've met...

  • my neighbors started putting out Halloween stuff in September and then had their thanksgiving stuff out while there were still Halloween candy wrappers on the ground
  • there are still Halloween candy wrappers on the ground in my neighborhood this morning when i walked the dog. CLEAN SHIT UP YOU ASSHOLE KIDS.
  • i'm still getting As in my classes despite the mind-scrambling chemistry and math that has been foisted upon my brains
  • I got suddenly and grossly ill a few weeks ago and had to cancel all my commitments in order to effectively curl up into a ball and try my best to die for two days which sucked
  • The winter garden is totally in and i THINK that this year i'll actually have a good crop of onions for the first time ever so WOO (used the CAPS LOCK for that one)
And then i'm sure there are a million more random things that i could throw at you, but i'm really sick of looking at this poorly-capitalized post with all of its lowercase letters that should be uppercase, so i'm going to leave you with this.

this being the new format of finnyknits in which i blast random thoughts at you without any regard for the formatting of the post. so, you know, it's like most of the internet now.

Chat soon, my lovelies.


  1. Me, the grammar, punctuation and capitalization nerd, can't even see all those lower-case letters -- because of the beautiful green glare of all those LETTUCES. They are lovely! And I wish I knew how to grow stuff. It all dies at my house. Before it should. Lovely. Lettuces. You have. Behold my capitals.

    1. I'm at least as jealous of your capitals as you are of the lettuce, so there.

  2. When I was at Target, I saw a light up yard gnome as tall as my 5 year old. I thought, #1 I need this in my life and #2 Even Finny could maybe appreciate it. The purple hippo maybe not so much, but who doesn't love a gnome?? ;)

    1. Me. No gnomes. Not even five foot tall ones. Or maybe especially not five foot tall ones.

  3. I figure if I can read it and it's not in tween-text-speak, we're all good to go :) Me = not perfect. And that's just fine.

    1. Lol. Srsly. WTF? Kidding. I have no idea what that shit means.

  4. Maybe if I had allowed myself to do posts of random stuff in bullet form I would still be blogging. I still write stuff in my head and it's been over a year.

    Also, do you ever plan to try the aquaponics at home? Cause that shit is cool.

  5. So when Mr. Jason finally realizes his dream of installing a bait minnow tank with an aquaponic plant thing on top (I don't know the words for these things, because I don't do aquaponics), I know who to go to with questions. FInny!

    Actually, I could just go to him, since he knows everything and it would be his fault that I have minnows and their shit growing lettuce in my cellar. Theoretically. Someday.

  6. Good grief with the lettuces! I am with Sue. So gorgeous! And thank you for blasting us with your thoughts. I'll take it however I am given my dose of Finny. (Also, note to self: remove garden gnome from Thanksgivingkkah box.)

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