Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The most boring post I'll ever write.

So, it keeps being a while between posts.

Because of "I'm busy" and STUDYING THEY FACE OFF and etc.

But the real truth is that I've been flailing about all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree (who's with me on this one, yes?) trying to land on something to post about.

Because usually my muse is Bitchy Finny. I have a whole label for it after all. And, if memory serves, it has the most posts of any label...well close, anyway.

But yeah - what happens when the muse is not bitchy?

People, I'm not that bitchy right now.

Actually, y'all - I'm kinda totally happy.

This is, I think, one of those times that I'll look back on in the future and be all, "Dude. That was the good times. Good thing you totally rolled around in it while you had the chance. Way to go."

Which, I think we'll all agree, is rad.

But then - what about that it's totally killing my muse.

Because you guys don't want to hear about how "OH THIS IS SO FUN WORKING IN A GREENHOUSE" and Oh yay I love school so much and whatever. That shit annoys people.

It annoys me, anyway.

No - what we want to hear - what I want to hear - is the crazy wrong shit. That's the stuff that entertains me.

Plus, it makes me feel normal and I like to feel normal, because 100% of the time I feel like The Weird Girl and being able to read someone else's blog post about how their life did something crazy and then they lived through it in an entertaining way - that's good shit.

And that's what I've always turned to in the time of "Hey, I'm going to post to the blog.", in case you haven't noticed.

But I don't have that right now. Because nothing's that crazy wrong right now and I don't have a way to dramatize the wrongness of it because obviously so all that I'm left with is...

I'm happy.

No one to blame or bitch about or draw dramatic emphasis from - things are good.

I effing love school - it's amazing. I loveLOVElove my student assistant job growing hydroponic food crops  and a hopyard. I even love the every day torture of small business starting. And I know it won't go on forever so I'm totally trying to live it up before reality swoops in and is all, "Come back to me, Finny. We have things to discuss."

That's for later. For now - I'm annoyingly ridiculously right now happy and I just hope that you guys don't start to hate me when my bitchy posts have a few shiny happy ones in between.

STILL LOVE ME, OK?! That's what I want.

Also - look at my crops.

Cascade hops in the home hopyard - they're really putting out. So, we're obviously going to call the beer brewed from these hops, Slutty IPA. OBVIOUSLY.

This is my hopyard at school. It's not putting out yet because it doesn't want to be the school slut. 

These are my newest babies - pak choi - and they'll probably get bullied at school because they are the weeniest.

Um...I've run out of schoolyard scenarios. This is basil.
Sorry - that was boring.


  1. Happy Finny is boooooorrring!!!


    Seriously though - that's great to hear things are going so smoothly! Cool hydroponics pics - neat! And love LOVE LOVE all the sweet alyssum at the base of the hops!! Definitely my favorite annual for the flower beds, deck pots, etc - with such an intoxicating smell! Unfortunately, most of mine is having a rough time of it this year - my from-seed attempts had an "oops, I forgot to water them" and most died off, and then the flat or so I bought have been going back and forth between fried and drowning out in the beds or even deck pots. Oh well - SOME should hopefully make it...

    Looks forward to more fun pics, even if you are happy. ;-)

    1. Yeah - don't worry - I'm certain that forthcoming posts will have snarky goodness in them, even if I *am* happy. I can be happy AND snarky. That's how good I am.

      Meanwhile - I can't believe that alyssum doesn't take over regardless of where it falls. I've weeded a ton of it out of my hopyard and still - there it is. I mean, I do want it there (brings in TONS of beneficials and covers the soil), but wow - it's invasive-y.

  2. There's nothing wrong in your life? Except apologizing for being happy. That, Finn, is wrong. Yeah, it's fun to listen to people bitch (or read about it), but is ALSO fun to see people who have figured out what to do so they don't HAVE to bitch. Because sometimes, I get all, "yeah yeah, that sucks--what're you going to DO about it?" And you did something about it. And you are happy.

    For which you deserve commendation, not condemnation because your life is happy due to your own efforts.

    1. And that, sister friend, is a gorgeous sentiment. And not only because of your savvy wordplay.

      Though I shall endeavor to return with my usual snark mouth soon.

  3. Replies
    1. Yep - we're working up an IPA recipe for this crop. :)

  4. It's true, we all dearly love your snark, but don't not write (I think that's the right number of negatives to say what I mean) just because it's going right! It's kind of amazing to get to watch someone decide to make a major change in their lives, and then GO DO IT. Besides, I cling sort of desperately to your garden tales; it's been cold and rainy here for pretty much ever, and my gardens have just decided to stop growing (except the weeds of course). I think I saw a tomato plant give me the finger yesterday.

    1. In that case, I think I'll just focus on the garden stuff since we can all agree that's good entertainment. Plus, I can always find snark with gardening.

  5. Yaaaay for happy! Yaaaay for happy crops! Your post was TOTALLY not boring and you know what? I had no idea hops were so pretty--I'm a sucker for form and function all rolled into one amazingsauce package. Thanks for sharing--it makes me giddy to see a buddy feeling content with life!

    1. They ARE so pretty. Now I wish we had a pergola or some sort of overhead trellis so I could grow them that way, but no. No contractors are coming over for a LONG time. Like, the never-er, the better.

  6. Fin - This is far from boring. It's great to hear about life being good, and the insights it has provided. I think when we are annoyed by another's contentment it's just because we want what they've got and are afraid we'll never have it. Furthermore, to be hopeful of attaining it means risking disappointment and failure, especially when attaining it means taking responsibility for the life you have. Guess what? Contented people do exist who will delight with you in your happiness and love you all the more. It's all good.


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