Friday, August 05, 2011

Gone fishing, etc

So, technically, my absence will be partially due to fishing, but also I'll be gone hiking, kayaking, romping in the woods with the dog, cocktailing at earlier than usual hours (Me: How does dawn sound for cocktails? Bubba: On vacation - perfect.), swimming in any number of lakes, lip balm making, beer brewing, pickle canning (not in the censored way), CENSORED (in the censored way), hanging out with the neighbors and all other kinds of fun things that go with being on vacation in Lake Tahoe.

However - my gone-ness will be less gone-like than some of my previous vacations because TEE-DAH we have internet and we'll have our various internet connected machines and gadgets, so you may catch me uploading photos of perfectly executed First Time Ever Made please notice the impending doom sound made with that statement lip balm from recently harvested beeswax or maybe just pictures of Bubba running screaming from the deep down coldness of the lake. The point being though - that I may not actually be so much gone from the blog as I will be gone from work.

So, actually, I might blog MORE than usual since I won't have pesky work between me and my blogging habit. Or drinking habit. Or pissing away the day reading one of many books habit. Or, or, or...I may still be busy.


Just wanted to let you know that I'm harvesting up all my tomatoes today, packing Bubba and the dog into the car and we're all going up to Tahoe for a week of all that stuff I listed before plus anything else that comes our way and sounds amusing, so I may or I may not be blogging.

Super helpful, right?

Either way, you know there will be photos of bad behavior. And maybe also me in my waders! Behaving badly. 



  1. I think you know already that I live vicariously through your vacations. So, have a rockin' good time (as if you need that advice), and I anticipate many posts and lots of detail about your lip balm.

    It has to work better than my attempt at lanolin extraction, anyway.

  2. Woohoo! Vacation!

    I also want lip balm making details. And to volunteer as a guinea pig for said balm should one be needed. *wink wink*

  3. Yes, it's another fucking tomato question from yours truly. My tomatoes are FINALLY ripening and guess what? After all that waiting and babying, they are LACKLUSTER. I got Sicilian paste tomatoes thinking that "Sicilian" was synonymous with "delicious" and well...they're not.

    SO, what tomatoes should I grow next year?


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