Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nekkid blogging

My feet *may* not have been my only naked bit when this photo was taken.

Naughty hippie.

 Because we *may* have hiked up this glorious trail at the perfect time during the day and week so that no one was there when we were.

And because I *may* be morphing into thatguy  who is also thathippie when on vacation in the mountains.
As evidenced by yesterday's post-hike/nude swim activities of mead drinking, Phish listening, pickle canning and beeswax lip balm making.

You don't have to be a hippie to love lip balm.

Or pickles.

Or mead? OK, maybe mead.

And on an unrelated note: DONG(s)!

 I'm maintaining that I'm safe from certifiable hippieness as long as I don't go near the patchouli oil in the natural foods store. Though I did see some when I was in there buying sweet almond oil and unrefined Shea butter for my homemade from my friend's bees (and a little from mine, too!) lip balm.

The line, she is a fine one.

Chat soon, friends. Once I return to civilization and get properly dressed.


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, Finny. But as of this moment there are no nekkid pics of you on the internets. (Or are there?)

  2. Oh honey, a lumberjack tried and true. GO HIPPIES! Sounds like a perfect break. Enjoy!

  3. So fun! I think I must add skinny dipping to my list of shit I need to do. Because I'm not sure that I've ever been. Seems like something I *would* have done, just can't think of a single instance of it. I probably have while drunk, which is why I can't remember. Ya, let's say that.

    And if patchouli is the hippie line then I'm safely on the other side. In all other ways, though, I am quite the dirty hippie.

    Glad you're enjoying your vacation. Looks lovely.

  4. How come only hippies get to do that stuff? No one would ever describe ME as a hippie, but I would happily engage in every activity you discuss.

    Well. Maybe not the skinny dipping. Not a hippie, but definitely a prude.

    That looks a whole lot like real lip balm to me. I anticipate a tutorial on successful lip-balm-making shortly . . .

  5. ahhh looks like a blast!! I've never been skinny dipping, I think I have missed out!!


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