Monday, August 15, 2011

#900 (AKA: The post about everything)

Did you know that this is my 900th post?

It is.

Also, it's the post where I let you choose your own adventure. Sort of.

Because I just got back from vacationing in the mountains and could show you pictures of that and recount our *probably* poor behavior OR I could show you ridiculous photos of what the garden did while I was gone OR I could show you pictures and recount with much salivating the delicious shit we cooked when we got home.

OR I could just mash it all into one incomprehensible post that would really bring to light the reality of the past 900 posts, which is to say that they've all been a mish-mash of a lot of disconnected photos and me yammering but ALWAYS with a lot of swears and misbehavior.

OK - nevermind on the choose your own adventure theme - I'm choosing for you. You get everything. All mashed up into one post with photos and swears and, probably, disjointed storytelling.

Because why the hell else would you show up here? Not for comprehensible information, that's for sure.

(If you're here for comprehensible information - oops on you.)

So yeah, we vacationed last week and it was good times.

Tahoe, well, it doesn't suck. That's one thing. And another thing - it's the best.

Hiking, wildflowers, mountainous sunsets, cocktail time at noon, bare feet in the lake, snowballs in the face, dogs chasing everything that blinks, fishing for illusive fucking trout, single tracks along the creek by bike, random crafting that sometimes turns out great (hoppy beer!), OK (sort of too hard lip balm!) or awful (pickles that look like turds and get thrown away!), sleeping in silence and basically just breathing great fresh air.

So, you know, just generally the best.

Then, we came home. To the garden that is really into telling me how it doesn't need me.

What's your name again?

In one extended morning's harvest, Saturday to be precise, I picked 6+ lbs of tomatoes, 4+ lbs of beans, 2 lbs of cherry tomatoes and a lot of herbs and then weeds and crap that needed to be pulled.

It was extreme. Particularly since I spent over an hour picking those damn beans.

People - I could not be a farmer for a living. This shit takes me FOREVER. I mean, I love it, but I'd never make a living at the rate that I garden. Plus, I doubt I'd be able to drink as I go, and you know how much I like that.

After all that harvesting and then given the fact that we were home next to all that harvested business, obviously, we had to cook things.

All the things that we love to eat in the summer. Which - BBQ - because obviously. Also, tomatoes.

I'm amazed we were still hungry after our week of gluttony. Yay for hiking.

Bubba made BBQ ribs and chicken, I made Tomato Pesto Pie and then, because I'm wild like that and also needed to use up a lot of our farmshare eggs, I made a lemon meringue pie. And then grilled some corn. OH - and I made a very delicious caprese-ish appetizer with the garden's goods.

The dogs were not on the menu, but they were obviously very close by. And interested. And sniffing us a lot.

And I'm pretty sure my neighbor gave them each a bunch of ribs. At least given Jada's production this morning on our walk.

Whoa, dog.

So yeah - we're home from vacation, the garden's all WTF and we ate a lot of summertime comfort food.

You didn't really want to choose your own adventure anyway, this is way better.


  1. Thanks for choosing for us Finny -- because you know we wanted it all. PLUS the swears -- that's the cherry on top! Sounds like you've had a great few weeks!!!

  2. Happy 900! It looks like you picked about that many beans, which seems appropriate.

  3. My kids picked all of the green beans in my father in law's garden in 15 minutes. Two toddlers- it's what you need. Rent them out or something. Then you can drink and supervise.

    And I have FIFTEEN half gallon bags of green beans in my freezer and I don't even like god damn green beans. I won't even talk about the zucchini I shredded that I think I'm going to use in a lot of chocolate cake. Blech.

  4. That is awesome. I have one tomato turning red...but after the long weekend I just spent out there- I know why your garden doe not need you. The climate is *just right* yours pics are fabulous.

  5. Umm, everything looks so yummy, especially that corn. I'm the only one around here who likes it quite that charred.

  6. Will you please take me with you on your next Tahoe vacation? Or any vacation. That lemon meringue pie looks amazing. And of course I was tickled to see you're still making the tomato pesto pie since I'm over here grabbing your link to the sausage version.

    I'll even do the dishes.

    P.S. Congrats on 900 posts! And belated happy anniversary! You two are too cute.

  7. Tahoe really is the best.

    So glad you had a good vacation and congrats on post 900!

    I thought of you when my son asked me the other day, "Mommy, how do bees get the honey to the people?"

    This after we spied a butterfly and he sagely informed me that the butterfly "was probably drinking the nectar."

    Enjoy the cocktailing while harvesting--it seems like just the right thing to do.


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