Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Running update: 22s. Yep. 22s.

In case you're not following me on Twitter (Dude, what the fuck? Sometimes I post things that aren't Foursquare check ins.) and therefore managed to miss the biggest Finny news since I Have The Rapture In My Backyard, I wanted to tell you that I ran my oft traveled interval route yesterday morning...IN THE 22s.

Lemons are unrelated. Though they do provide an excellent prop for the Garmin which falls over and resets itself otherwise. Handy.
That's right. Because I know you're not all on Twitter and I need a lot of validation in my life, so I dragged you all over here to show you evidence that sometimes stars align and I am able to run the same old interval route faster than ever before.

Even though, according to every running magazine and blog, I'm scheduled to hit my plateau any day now. Apparently the 30s are prime territory for this event.

But no! I'm fighting the plateau, people. I will not bow down and accept interval runs with ever decreasing speed into my life.

Granted, I'm still not fast and never really have been, but this is marked improvement from Supah Slow to Less Slow and I will take it thankyouverymuch.

And because I believe these things have helped me in my quest for the 22s, I will continue doing them:
  • Fartleks: They sound stupid and they feel even stupider but I'm pretty sure they work. Which sucks because I was banking on them NOT working so I could stop running and crying.
  • Honey Stinger Waffles: I thought they'd be another flash in the pan Oh This Looks Not Disgusting option from a race goodie bag, but they actually ARE not disgusting and a good way to get a little food in before sprinting out the door in the early morning hours. I just have to ignore the douche on the wrapper.
  • HoneyMilk: Now, before you get all Oh, so I see you're really embracing this whole beekeeper thing to an annoying extreme LOSER, let me tell you that I've tried a lot of  gels, chews, drinks, bars and other Don't Die running and recovery fuels and this is the only one that actually keeps me from feeling all barfy afterward. Plus - no dying. Bonus!
So yeah, of course I ran this magical interval event right after being all OH LOOK I RAN IT IN 23:05 MY FASTEST TIME EVER. And because I'm sure that tomorrow's interval run will be slower, because that's how my life goes, I had to tell you today while the news didn't have to be prefaced by me going, "OK, so today sucked but on TUESDAY...well, let me tell you..." because that would make for a lame post.



  1. Super dooper hooray for you!!

  2. I have no idea what any of that means but good for you :)

  3. I guess that makes the running on city streets more bearable. Maybe you hate it so much you've unconsciously started running faster to get it over with. Whatever works. Good work, Finn!

  4. Yay! Look at you with ever changing goals. My goal stays the same, to get my ass out of bed and run BEFORE the mercury gets to 80. Hasn't happened yet. I blame my crap new work schedule in which I get home at 11:30 (pm).

    And when I first saw this picture on Twitter, I wondered how lemons could have anything to do with the 20's. And I also have to say that the idea of drinking milk before running sounds like a sure recipe for lots of mucus and barfing. Glad it works for you, though.


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