Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden or cocktails? It's the eternal question.

Do we get into the garden or the new bar?

Lord knows I'm always ready for cocktail time, but when I first get up in the morning I head straight out to the garden to see what the hell is up out there. Plus, cocktails at 6am? I'm thinking that, no.

This morning I thought I spotted a very pale set of new watermelon leaves breaking the soil's surface and I was all YAY! They're not failures! and then just now I went out there to cuddle the new small leaves (what?) and found that, no, they're just more nasturtiums.

They're pretty and they make good cut flowers. Which is good because they're FUCKING EVERYWHERE.
Enough with the nasturtiums out there! They're already eating my fence. That's plenty, thank you. I can only make so many Hey How Fancy salads with these things.

My neighbor's side looks even more green. They've commandeered his yard.
Thankfully, the bees like them and I like the bees, so we're even.

And the bees like the lavender that's up, so I get to keep my bees in my yard for a while. YAY! I've very possessive that way.
 But you probably don't give a rat's behind about nasturtium and lavender and, frankly, I don't blame you - when there are tomatoes to gawk at.

This is from the monster Better Boy plant that scares my neighbors. It's very HI, I'M HUGE.

I'm pretty sure these Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes will be ripe in a week. Which - YAY FOR THAT.
 I have a lot of YAY going on right now, I just noticed. Must be a tomato thing.

OR a bean, cilantro, apple, potato, lettuce or pepper thing.

I'll be harvesting these babies small, per the fancy ass French instructions.

I swear that the beans did this in one day. Psychos.

All that "Slo-Bolt" nonsense was, well, nonsense.

I'm very gentle.

Hey! Did you know I'm growing tire potatoes again? I am. Consider yourself informed.

Our salads are all of the bathtub sized variety these days. Because, obviously.
OK, so it's hard to tell here, but there's a blossom on these Golden Greek peppers. They're the ones that I'll make into pepperoncini so get excited, damn you.

Wait! Nope - it's a cherry thing.

Told you I'd put that old bowl to use. I'm sure I really needed a bowl this big for 7 cherries, too, so shut it.

The rest of our harvest waits on the tree. My neighbor's tree.

Meanwhile, remember that I was growing grapes? Yeah, I just did, too.

The bees hang out with the grapes, but only because they want the lavender. They're users like that.

This grape is wishing it had two more inches of height just like me when I need to get the olive oil down from the shelf over the stove.

Sitting with the grapes and lavender is a buzzy adventure right now. Bubba doesn't sit here for a while.
Now, if only the watermelon seeds would germinate, I could have a Watermelon Thing which either sounds sexy or terribly unsexy. Either way - I WANT IT.


  1. Wow dude your garden looks amazing. You must have sun. My store bought big maters are sad and small and cold. I am going to send them down for a vacation in your yard with the dancing bees, pollen cocktails, and sun tans


    Greater Puget Sound Area Gardener

  2. Gorgeous! I have a bunch of green tomatoes. I was rather sad to have to buy red ones in the store today for this weekend.

  3. I almost asked you if you were growing tire potatoes again when I spotted a tire on the ground in one of your earlier garden pictures. You not being one to leave tires just lying around your yard. Like, um, us.

    Tomatoes! Next week! YAY, indeed.

    Now, tell us about your new bar. Please.

  4. Its a good thing I never got my shit together to plant anything this year because it's mostly been rainy, foggy and 50 degrees. not ideal for growing anything. Including my hostas, which haven't even come up yet and hello- it's almost July.

  5. amazed by how much you get planted in such a small space. Great diversity!

  6. I'm doing the tire thing this year too! AND, I am practicing the life-altering "new" technique of not pulling suckers off my tomato plants, as per YOU. Wish me luck!

  7. Your gardens are awesome-I am impressed and also jealous.

    Hey, do you have a post somewhere about whatever irrigation techniques you use? I searched around on your blog for a while and got sidetracked reading old posts, which are entertaining but will not prevent me from my annual killing of all gardens by neglecting to water anything. It's a bad habit I have and clearly I need to adopt some watering technology so that my gardens don't die of thirst. Again.

  8. Puget- We've had one warm week and BOOM the garden woke up. Though, now it's supposed to be in the low 70s for a week, so I suspect they'll be growing but not GROWING like they were.

    Regardless - I'll take it.

    You send down anything that needs sunshine and I'll set it out there in the garden. That spot is magical because it's protected from wind and gets 10+ hours of direct sun/day, so it gets HOT back there. Good for heating up the soil and ripening those fruits.

    Mom Taxi - I just can't get myself to buy tomatoes in the store.

    My neighbors went out of town a week ago and had some storebought tomatoes lingering in their fridge, which they gave us since they'd have gone bad otherwise while they were out of town, and they were NOT GOOD.

    So, we wait.

    Thankfully, we'll have cherry tomatoes to keep us going until the big reds come in. And, of course, I've got 6 quarts of tomatoes in chesty that need some attention, too. So I SUPPOSE we won't die.

    Still, sad.

    Kris - Yeah - I guess that would be out of character for me. My neighbor made a reference recently to how even my use of rebar is *just so*.

    It's true - I'm trying to keep our yard/house from looking like a homeless camp. Though - while still growing potatoes in tires. So far, that one rescued potato is looking VERY happy. I'm sure he'll produce lots more this year since we don't have Bermuda growing just every fucking where.

    Sara - Whoa. No hostas yet? Yeesh. Bubba loves those, but it's usually too warm and dry here for me to get them through a summer.

    Come on SUMMER!

    Africankelli - 96 square feet of BOOM.

    Jen - I just hope I haven't lead you astray. Good luck!

    Alevin - I don't know if I've ever talked about irrigation, but it's of the utmost importance.

    I have each bed piped for irrigation and I use bubbler sprinkler heads - 1 per plant. They get watered for 15 minutes 3x/week at the most - that's when it's hottest. In the spring I usually let the normal rainfall handle things.

    Maybe I need to do a post on this.

  9. I would be pretty thrilled if you did a post on it. Thanks for the info!


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