Friday, June 10, 2011

Red, white and buttered all over.

OK. Let's do this.
 I have no idea what day it is, but we're still managing to make it through the ride every day without too much catastrophe.

Though the wardrobe changes are getting a bit strange.
The other good thing about not knowing what day it is, is that when someone tells you that it's Friday, you're legitimately surprised/happy/relieved because it means that there's only one more day to go until DONE.

I'll wear a tutu if it means I can be done soon.
This is particularly exciting for Bubba's ass and man bits given he's had that bike wedged in uncomfortable places for the last week and OH tomorrow will be the last day of the Rider's Trinitarian Formula: Butt Butter, Sunscreen, Chapstick.

There's a lot of lubrication that goes into a 545 mile bike ride. Though - and let's be honest here - with this many fabulous men about, what else could you expect.

People, the fabulousness is off the charts. And I want to hug them all and have them over for drinks and get some wardrobe advice and also watch them walk around in Speedos because, come on.

I've never seen so many beautiful and fit men in all my life. 

Just in case you thought that last one was an anomaly, I'm here to tell you that - No.
Of course, yesterday was an anomaly in and of itself since it was Red Dress Day - the day when everyone wears red (mostly dresses, costume and drag, although these Speedos were a nice choice, I thought.) - so that when they ascend the winding hill above Pismo Beach, it looks like a cascading red ribbon on the hillside.

Look, I was driving, it's the best I could do. Just take my word for it.
But really, it wasn't the ribbon everyone wanted to see, it was all the bonkers crazy costumes these folks put together, because when you get a couple thousand gay men and a thousand or so good sports together, you really get a good show.

Sure - you THINK he's a roadie who's going to go change and start handing out granola bars...

But no. He's going to get on his bike and ride 40 miles up a huge hill with 6 inch platform heels balanced on his clipless pedals.
I could go on and on about yesterday's awesome outfits and impressively consistent fantastic attitudes, but you can see all that in the photo album.

Right now I have to pack up a fifth hotel room (thankfully not one that involves lighting myself on fire and throwing away anything that has touched the floor) and move down the coast a bit to set up shop in Ventura before Bubba pedals in for the end of Day 6.

Not that it's a rough life - I'm actually loving this pretty well what with the wine tasting, spa trips, farm visits, roadside pie stand tastings and beautiful scenery - but I do take my Personal Bubba Roadie responsibilities seriously.

Plus, I know you all want more pictures of hot men.

OH! Are you a dude reading this blog? Sorry! Here are some hot chicks:

If you're into the school girl thing...

the super hero thing...

or the S&M thing. 


  1. Fantastically beautiful and most likely gay :sigh:

  2. F-ing awesome!

  3. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE bike rides (think tour down under in Australia).
    BUT man oh man I would come out and watch and cheer your lot on for the whole ride..
    I can't believe the high heels on that guy...

  4. Okay -- how FUN AND FANTASTIC are those people? I love it. And I am just so proud and happy you guys did this.

  5. This is great! And I love Bubba in the tutu! Next year get him to wear those heels!

    Oh, and more pics of the hot shirtless speedo guys pleeeeease!

  6. Awesome. Just awesome.

    Go Bubba.


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