Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home for the Hendrick's

It's about time we talked about the bar.

Even though it's not done yet.

Because the contractor, I fear, has gone missing - as is the way with all our construction projects.

Hooray! Bubba and I will be hanging lights, wiring outlets and installing baseboards this weekend! Why, that's exactly what I wanted to do on the first hot weekend of summer!

Wait, no.

Anyway - The (unfinished) Bar:

I'll have a Hendrick's and tonic, STAT.

You'll notice it doesn't have any baseboard trim, two of the cabinets don't have knobs, the window is missing the top of the frame, wires are exposed and we don't have overhead light fixtures. It's sort of like the Where's Waldo of unfinished construction projects. Or like those US Weekly sections that have you find what's different between the two photos of Britney flashing her crotch on a limo exit. (Hint: She's not wearing underwear in either one.)

But we do have booze and cheese.

Because, obviously.
Yeah, despite the lack of all those annoying things that we *should* have by now, we decided that it was more important that we get the booze used to its new home because you know the transition period between cocktail staging areas can be particularly traumatic for gin and bourbon.

Gin to bourbon: We need a drink!
Plus, the trauma of having to look at unfinished cabinets and exposed wires is enough to make me run screaming into traffic most of the time, so the availability of our bar essentials is critical to our survival.


I'm not really sure when this will all be finished to my satisfaction, but if history is any indicator, most of it will be done after this weekend because HELLO I'm not looking at bare cabinet asses for the rest of my days and I really want to flip on the overhead lighting and admire its super cuteness.

If ever there was a light fixture you could hug, right?

And, really, the bar stools look a bit strange hanging out there in front of the the unfinished cabinets. And, plus, I'm a psycho and I like things to be *justannoyinglyso* and right now they are so not justso. ANNOYING. Right?

Not that this is stopping us from using the bar. Because it's not. In addition to this debut you see before you, we've used the bar every night since we accepted delivery of these bar stools, even when we didn't have a countertop and were just resting our drinks and elbows (hey, there aren't any grown ups in this house - elbows can be on countertops and dining room tables and whatever else because whatever) on the plywood underneath.

And as you know, we're very classy, so the plywood gave us zero pause.

So - yeah - the bar. It's almost done and I'm already contemplating its next phase which may or may not include one of these that ascends to the top shelf bar. Where the gin and bourbon and other highly regarded boozes will live on high.

It's starting to occur to me that our priorities may be dangerously skewed.


  1. That is a bangin' light fixture and you did a fab job staging the booze on the stop for you is food photography in magazines...if you don't call Sunset...I will! cheers!

  2. It's a nice bar. Finished or not.

    It's a good thing you don't live in Leraville. My baseboard trim has NEVER been put on and we've lived here for over 10 years. And I still have an exposed outlet from September when we put beadboard up as backsplash. The screw is too short for that one outlet. All the others were fine. Oh, I could go on. Like NO cabinet handles on any of my cabinets or drawers, but that would sound like I'm complaining ;-)

  3. Rejuvenation fixture? Love it. I hate home renos because it always seems you have to threaten lives to get the "last little bit" complete. Details people, details! Looks great though!

  4. I'm . . . a little afraid if you ever actually come to Blackrock. It is not a finished house. Ever. I still have a hole in the bathroom ceiling from when the fan was taken out after it leaked and never got replaced. Two months ago. I won't do it, because I am afraid of wires, and A. is just too damn busy somehow. So I have a hole.

    But we're planning on dispatching a lamb this weekend! All about the priorities.

  5. A) WHERE will the top shelf be, because I'm thinking you really don't need a latter to get to...the bar.

    B) WHERE is your before picture, woman? Don't you know the rules of home decor blogging?


  6. What time is happy hour? I'll bring a h' the light too!


  7. Ladders and cocktails? You had this idea after a few of the aforementioned beverages, didn't you?

  8. You are so so funny. I love it here.

    we decided that it was more important that we get the booze used to its new home because you know the transition period between cocktail staging areas can be particularly traumatic for gin and bourbon.

    Good stuff. What about the vodka? Is she in the freezer?


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