Monday, June 18, 2007


Obviously I can't just abandon the Book Club if everyone loves it so much. Because that would mean I was popular and that people loved me and are paying attention to me and that is what I really want out of life. Just ask my mom.

So, let's call off the dogs and say that I was kidding about 'Book Club' being cancelled.

Ha ha?

Let's just say that, instead, Book Club is going to get a Finny make-over. And, so you know, I'm a less is more kind of girl.

So, Book Club will now have less structure (no due dates or polls), less flash (no running sidebar listing all the books on the shelf) and less 'club'. What I'm hoping is that this will mean more books. And that would be a lovely far cry from what I have going on right now which more resembles the less part of the equation.

What that will also mean is that book posts will be surprise occurrences (no due dates, member?), so, if you don't like having your endings spoiled by my haphazard ranting, you'll have to quietly look away on those days when I decide to pull my shit together and review a book. At least you'll be saved by the fact that it probably won't be a super frequent occurrence.

And if anyone gets all biggigity and *must* read my spotty, incoherent and otherwise mostly unhelpful book ramblings, the good old Finny Reads label is there for all to click.

So - in sum - Book Club is being MADE OVER, not cancelled.

Fear not, though, concerned fellow bookworms - Finny will not take the "un club-ness" to heart and turn into a gelatinous glob from staring slack-jawed at TV fishermen and their hot-in-a-looks-like-Bubba-in-10-years-way announcer while shoveling in armloads of popcorn. But if the globbiness is a result of added bookworminess, well, we can talk about revising the old cleanliness/godliness saying to reflect our new found knowledge.

See, I'm mildly incoherent and I am not even reviewing a book. Yeesh.

Anyway - disaster averted. Thanks for chiming in with your personal feelings about how much the untimely cancellation of Book Club would suck. If nothing else, it feeds my bottomless need for recognition and makes me feel like less of a book nerd.

Read on my friends, and we'll chat on a future un-defined date about a book I chose at random (Khalid's newest nugget) which I am sure I'll bang on about aimlessly without coming to an intelligible point.



  1. Cool! This will save me from having to lure you into a "casual" conversation about this book once I've finished it. Not that I've started it. OK so don't race through it - I'm not ready yet!

  2. Thank you for always making me laugh:):) I am so in love with Mike Rowe too!! My 6 year old heard his voice from the other room and yelled "Dirty Jobs - Dirty Jobs - I wanna watch Dirty Jobs!...I think she's got a little crush on him too:)

  3. I just bought that book the other day... this gives me motivation to get started on it!!


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