Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So sly

I have heard that, after a while, dogs and their owners start to look alike. Well, this is a case of dogs and owners starting to act alike.

Because, while Jada pranced proudly through her final session of her second string of obedience classes without missing a beat (or eating anyone elses meatball), her performance wasn't exactly the same as we see it at home.

I think she learned this "put on a good show at the office" behavior from yours truly. Because, as it turns out, you get hassled a lot less if you just do what you're s'posed to do when you're s'posed to do it and then go home and gripe about it while going back to your usual ways than if you come into work bitching about how that last squirrel just got away while giving your boss the finger.

Or something like that.

But, for the record, she did do everything she was s'posed to do, including showing off her fancy new tricks for the trainer, and we were very proud. Plus, she got a fancy certificate and we got to eat real potato chips (the trainer brought treats for the people - I love this), so everyone went home happy.

Now we're back at work and not flipping anyone off, which is frankly exhausting.


  1. love the relation between the way Jada acts and your own personality. the worst part is that it is true.

  2. She put on a good show for her trainer, huh? That is a sly one.

  3. Dogs are so smart. She full-on knows she can work the mom at home.


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