Friday, February 02, 2007

You and your fancy pants

Dear Donk,

Excuse me, Ms. Fancy -Already-Done-Kimono-Robe, I thought we were doing this "along" with one another! And here you are, flauting your fabulous robe all over the place. HUH!

Kidding. I do love it. So much so that when we decide to fold it into the ~along with another project that I'm pretty sure that I'll choose it myself. Love!

Oh, and the shabby-chicness is just right. Not too overdone. Not too shabby, one might say. Honestly, I can't believe you're giving it away.

You're way nicer than me. I hoard things.

So, first things first - the dresses that your mom fixed up for the girls? GEEZ. I need to make up at least one of those for Ms. Emma's #1 birthday. Can you believe? I know. It's the whole "babies grow up so fast thing." Anyway, where did this pattern come from? How long would it take your mom to get here from TX? Yes, thank you.

Oh, and about the prizes -- yes you're right. I have wandered through the Flickr pool (see how fancy I'm getting with the Flickr? Barely retarded anymore.) and I'm multo impressed. Especially because so many talented ladies came up with alternatives to the fucking grommet puncher. Beeooteeful!

Let's talk - I have an idea in mind.

Oh, and the theme this month is on you, girlfriend. Officially, the projects are either the Sleeping Mask OR the Bedside Organizer. Or both, for you big fat overacheivers out there. Donk - you decide how we're theme-ing, k?

And soon -- I want to get started!

We just brought HDTV into our bedroom and I've found myself awakening beneath piles of remotes.


I wish I could come over this weekend and swim in the pool while drinking margaritas. Where I'm going it's awfully cold, snowy and remote. I will be wearing everything I own.


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  1. I'm making both. And this month? We're embellishing!
    Have so much fun skiing!!


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