Monday, February 19, 2007

When new shoes aren't the answer

When I come upon one of life's strategically placed stumbling blocks (shitty day at the office, supplemental property tax bill, the last piece of pie that I've been saving has gone bad) protocol indicates that it is time to shop. For shoes.

So, to Zappos I go, to find the 3 1/2" red patent mary janes that will soothe my soul and restore balance in the universe. Or, in the case of my busted hoof, to the fancy pants running store that everyone around here wants to marry to shod myself with something narrow enough for my spaghetti like feet.

Problem solved. Ish.

This morning, all full of myself for being "good" and "resting" my lame paw last week instead of trotting out the training schedule as planned, I bounded off the front porch in my new running shoes ready to get back on track and regain my momentum.

All was right with the world for about two miles. I was prancing along, mouthing the words to The Killers latest album as the the loser I let myself be, feeling all not in pain when I was suddenly alerted to a no-no going on in my shoe.

What is this rubbing sensation happening along the arch of my left foot? Why does it feel like my sock is suddenly made of sandpaper?

Wait! Now what is happening on the arch of my right foot? That sock is ALSO made of sandpaper? I don't recall buying my socks at Home Depot.

Damnit! I know what that feeling is. It's a blister. Make that two blisters. One on each arch. Right where the shoe is most aggressively hugging my tender spaghetti.

Oh for the love. I have blisters on my spaghetti.

Now, contrary to the advice I, like, JUST gave Kelli about running with blisters (technically, it was about running without socks which resulted in blisters) I continued on. Repeating to myself that I was only 1.5 miles from home and could save myself some pain by taking longer strides, thus covering more ground with fewer steps, and looking like some sort of leaping Silly Nanny. When that didn't really help, I decided that loosening my laces might help relieve the strangulation happening on my chaffing arches.

No go.

Tighten the laces so that they are so tight that the shoe couldn't POSSIBLY move enough to rub my feet.


Combine ideas: Loosen the laces way out, lengthen stride until you appear to be practicing ballet rather than running and focus on the street sign that indicates the end of your route with all your might. In case of emergency, imagine how awesome it will be to tear off your shoes and socks and let your searing arches breathe fresh air.

So, in the end, I got my first post-injury run done in record time without re-aggravating the injury, but managed to accumulate two new little annoying "injuries" along the way. As a bonus, my neighbors think I'm off my nut since I spent a five full minutes after my run luxuriating barefoot on the front porch glider as though I was having some sort of run-induced orgasm.

Tomorrow, moleskin.


  1. No, I bet they were really saying, "Gee, must be nice to just sit there on your front porch glider..." YOU know what I'm talking about! Must be nice!

  2. Ah, that made me laugh - non-runners reading that will be thinking 'what the hell was she on?' and I'm sitting here nodding in agreement...

  3. Did you get moleskin? What do you think? I'm pretty much in love with the stuff these days. Holy hell is it amazing!
    Glad to hear the running is getting easier and you are loving it. :) It really does get addictive.

  4. Shelley - You know that they were!!! I mean, I didn't hear them say it, but I'm sure from behind their blinds they were peaking out and snickering..."Must be nice to be able to go running and then lounge around on the patio...bitch!"

    Flibberty - See, you know. Stick around, I may need moral support...

    Kelli - Dude, I lurve the moleskin! I cover all my hotspots with it when we backpack, but until now hadn't had a single blister with my old shoes. Apparently my arches have been so neglected by my old shoes that these new, fully arch supported ones are throwing them for a loop. And so I cover myself in moleskin and head out for a run...

  5. One word - bodyglide. I cover my feet in it. Then put my socks on. Prevents blisters wonderfully. Also works whereever else there maybe chaffing! My friend wraps her feet in duct tape, but I prefer bodyglide.

  6. you're too funny. hope your feet are on the mend.


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