Friday, February 16, 2007

WTF? + Running Update

Excuse me people, but I thought February was still considered "winter".

I mean, not like I'm complaining. I mostly hate winter and I wholly hate being cold, but for some reason I've been all bent out of shape since I got back from skiing (where there was no F'n snow) and found all the plum and cherry trees alight with spring blooms.

"Gah! What are you doing!? It's not spring! Wait until we've gotten more rain! The summer is going to be bloody scorching if spring comes this soon! Go back in your hole!" I screamed from the car while swerving wildly and waving my naughty finger.

My emotions are three-fold.

On one hand my hope and inner cheer has been restored just by seeing the renewal of spring in this pinkies.

On the other hand, I am filled with dread and horror thinking about what our summer is going to be like if we don't get more rain before spring is upon us.

On the other, other hand I just realized that this happened at the same time last year even though it feels so earrrrrrrrrrrrrrrly.

So, in a nutshell, I'm verklempt and choosing to have a cocktail and stare at the trees.

Running Update:

I've hurt myself somehow. Specifically, my foot.

Sucks, too since I've been kicking some major ass on my training and have actually been enjoying my runs (gasp with me, won't you?) and even looking forward to them. Weird.

And now, DAMNIT, my foot is all jacked. Somehow this happened when I got back from skiing and immediately picked up my training schedule as though I hadn't blown off a week on a snowboard. I ran 3 1/2 (don't laugh, the training schedule tells me what to do) on Monday without a hitch and then hit the pavement Tuesday for my shortie (2 mi.) and somehow busted my hoof.

I've been hobbling around with this clubfoot all week and people have been staring at me in weird ways. It's like having a mean little carpet knife jabbing me in the outer arch every time I take a step. So, clearly, I haven't run since Tuesday and I'm bummed.

But I'm soaking and icing and heating and crossing fingers. And tomorrow I'm going to the running store to see if they have a better idea of the shoes I should be wearing.

Cross your fingers, too, won't you? No need to soak or ice anything though.

I'll also be working on my project for this month's In Stitches assignment. And just in time, too, since last night I nearly passed away when the remote control fell off the bed (or was likely kicked by Fat Rocket) and hit the hardwood floor like a shot. These nightly shocks are starting to take their toll on me and I can't help thinking that it's taking years off my life every time it happens.

So I'll be sewing and crossing fingers and drinking G&T for three days. Perhaps my next post will be a recap of my injuries.

Happy weekend, all.


  1. Oh be careful with your foot! I injured my achilles tendon about 6 months ago and stupidly, ran through the pain. I thought I was making a big deal out of nothing. Now the frikking thing is chronically inflamed and I can't do anything except upper body exercise. I may as well be in a wheelchair. Blah.

    So, the moral is - rest it, rest it, rest it! Get the right shoes before you get stuck in a frikking orthopedic boot (or custom built insoles) which I can tell you do not make a 33 year old feel great about herself!

    Hope it gets better.

  2. No, no, Finny you can't be hurt, I'm training vicariously through you and Kel, and this just won't do!

    My bro when he was in officer training school with the Navy and MARINE drill instructor had serious probs on the runs until he did the exact same thing you did, went to a pro running shop and got expert advice on running shoes. It made all the difference so this is a great idea.

    Miss you, take care of yourself and drink a G&T for me... I wish you were here to get me through all this wedding BS ;-(

  3. Damn global warming! I would blame everything on it. Injured your foot-probably global warming too. That or its GWB's fault. We like to blame everything on him around here.

  4. okay, hurt how? Talk to me. Without knowing anything about it, I'm wondering if you are alternating heat and ice?
    I'm so sorry! What a bummer.
    But beautiful photo!

  5. Ash - You'll be glad to know that I took your advice to heart. I only went back out today after five days off and a trip to the running store. My foot is feeling AOK.

    Shelley - Do not worry my dear, I'm back on track and it doesn't even seem like I missed a step, so to speak. :0) Let's chat on Skype, k?

    Jane - Global warming is becoming such an overwhelming issue - I can see it everywhere. Even in my foot. Which, now, ironically, is better. Perhaps the big ozone hole is closing over Texas?

    Kell - Iced, then heated, then soaked all the while elevating and "taking it easy". Now, my injury is AOK and I am contending with the dreaded breaking in of new shoes.

  6. girl, you KILL me!!! (i'm laughing hysterically over the remote dropping off the bed!) and just for the record, i hope it's not taking years off your life.


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