Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Hate You, Grommet Puncher

Dear Donk,

I remembered today why I haven't used the grommet puncher in over five years - it sucks ass.

Beware - if you're using one like this:

be prepared for bone crushing pain as you squeeze those handles together with all your might trying to get the male grommet to curl neatly around the female grommet.

It sounds romantic, but I assure you it's not. Unless your idea of romantic involves a lot of swearing and a 28 year old woman throwing a tantrum.

I had to ask Bubba for his man strength on this one. Of course, the grommet puncher was no match for the likes of his man-paws, which is just another reason to love him.

Just a little heads up that you might want to offer a margarita to any hot dudes walking by your apt in exchange for a few strong squeezes.




  1. Sounds like one of those "why did I get into this project again?" moments. Are there more advanced technologies in the grommet world? Thank God you had MTB to help. Grommet. Now there's a fun word.

  2. I love me some grommets, yes I do. But I always get confused--what are rivets then? Eilets? Whatever.
    I hope the next guy I date has 'man paws'. There's something just so...uh, manly...about that.

  3. What a tool! (The grommet maker, not Mr. Man Paws!)

  4. This is not good. not good at all. that is the very grommet tool I purchased! Darn it. Now, to hunt me up one sexy strong man to help with my crafting...

  5. Now for sale: Four squeezes for a buck.
    - Mr. Man Paws


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