Friday, January 19, 2007

Meme Friday : Weird Finny

Ari tagged me for the 6 Weird Things About You meme. I'm going to not take this personally since I tout my weirdness with quite a bit of gusto on a regular basis. It's only fair that I'm being held to it in a public forum.

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

  1. I floss in the car.
    Bubba finds this disgusting. People driving near me probably think that I'm brushing my teeth (I use one of those Reach flossers). But, it makes my commute all the more efficient, and ultimate efficiency is my dream. Meanwhile, my beloved dentist has had nothing but good things to say about my gum health. Take that.

  2. I will only buy shoes three pairs at a time.
    I'm not sure if this makes me weird, but it certainly does get the eyes rolling at the office when the big Zappos box shows up. Although, it doesn't keep the girls from coming over to see what's in the box. My theory is that I probably won't love every pair, so this gives me good odds of ending up with at least one pair I will covet.

  3. I keep a big box of dog biscuits in my desk. I don't have a dog.
    So, I'm sure you've heard of "Crazy cat ladies". Well, I'm the "Crazy dog girl" in my office. When I hear the jingling of collars and leashes, I put a few dog biscuits in my pocket and roam the halls "for coffee" when I need a break. Then I rendezvous with all the dogs that have come into work that day and bribe their love with cookies.

  4. I love black licorice.
    I have just been told that this is weird. Personally, it seems normal to me.

  5. My secret dream career: Professional Closet Organizer.
    I may have a great job that I love - but I won't lie, when I see the California Closets van on the highway, I have lewd fantasies that involve me, a tape measure, a lot of shelving and a big messy closet.

  6. I listen to Howard Stern every single day.
    The reactions I get from this range from stunned to suspicious to horrified to the blatant crossing of fingers in the manner that one might use to address a vampire. Still - I see nothing wrong with listening to, what I consider, the last honest broadcaster on the planet. There's no BS here. Just a bunch of people sitting around a really nice studio, now on satellite radio saying exactly what they want with absolutely no pretense or hidden agendas. I know that he'll ask all his interviewees questions that no one else has the balls to ask. I know that he'll share the most embarrassing minutia of his life with his audience. I know that he'll call anyone out for any stupid thing they do. And I love it.

Call me weird.

Six future memers:



  1. You have me laughing as usual!!

    Once I put deodorant on in the car (I was in the backseat) and a passerby saw me. The look on their face was priceless! I was quite humbled and have never done it since...

    (Oh, check my regular blog, I did this weird meme a few days ago. I'm plenty weird and probably could have added more ...)

  2. The fact that you keep dog biscuits in your desk makes me love you more.
    I too love black licorice. Once in awhile you can find it covered in chocolate--a taste of Heaven.

  3. I absolutely love black licorice also! No one in my family or hubby's family likes it so I always get all things black licorice flavored-yummy!
    I also relate to Professional Closet Organizer. I drool over those aisles in Target. Someday I will have a California Closet (or similar)

  4. i am also a closet howard stern fan. yes, i turn off satellite when the talk goes from politics and current events to bathroom habits, but i agree with you wholeheartedly--he is honest, brilliantly sarcastic, and one of the few people in the public eye who isn't afraid to be honest about himself and call others who aren't out on the carpet. on 9/11, i listened to them most of the morning and found the coverage on his show to be the most informative and best of what was on the radio. i think that people just don't get him--that he's a comedian and is trying to make people laugh-and instead take him ever so seriously.

    nice list finny!

  5. I've been a Stern fan since my days at NYU (over 15 years now, egads!) I too listened to him on 9/11. Great list!

  6. I like black licorice too! I am so jealous of the fact that you have dogs at work! I have a student whose dog was following him to school everyday for about a week. It was a big problem for a dog to be on the yard with 500 kids. But oh what a sweet dog he was. I so wanted to take him home! As for Howard, I agree with your points. I had to stop listening to him when he gave out copies of his movie to anyone who would pick their nose and eat their boogers. At the time I was teaching kinder and spending a great deal of time breaking the nose picking habbit.

  7. How fun and interesting! BTW, I'm a professional organizer :)

  8. I listen to Howard obsessively. No weirdness there. I find myself saying to Ryan all the time, "So today on Howard..."

  9. Too funny! I will be posting mine today...

    Oh, and I *heart* Zappos.

  10. Lera - See, I think you should do it MORE having those kind of reactions from people. And, I read your meme - I love your weirdness - awesomely funny.

    Barb - I'm a lovable freak, don't you agree? And thank god other Licorice Lovers are coming out of the closet. I knew I wasn't alone.

    Beckie - We should start a gang: "Black Licorice Lovers - You never go back..."

    Amy - I love how this meme brought other Stern fans out of the closet (at least in this blogging circle anyway). I stick around for all the bathroom humor though - I love it all.

    Laura G - You know, I listened to him on 911, too. And it was a huge comfort having him on the air. I was driving from Seattle to SF and needed a familiar voice to talk me through it.

    Jane - I totally laughed at this - I can see why you had to boycott after that situation. It was too close to home ;) And the dogs at work sure make it nice to "go on a coffee break" I'd rather feed them a biscuit than me any of the snacks from the kitchen.

    dMarie - Professional Organizer??! Jealous!

    atpanda - Bubba and I have the same convos at night. It usually starts with, "Hey, did you hear on Howard this morning when Artie said..." I love Artie.

    LL - You and I are kindred spirits. I have actually emailed Zappos to tell them that they need to sell everything. As in, ALL THINGS, so that I never have to shop anywhere else. BTW: Yes, I got the Zappos Rewards Visa. I carry only one credit card and it's now a card that gives me rewards in the form of Zappos gift cards. LOVE.

  11. Please come to my house, organize my closets, and feed biscuits to my dog.


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