Thursday, January 04, 2007

In 2007, there will be sewing...

Dear Donk,

You are an evil genius. And, ironically enough, I have also been eyeing my fresh new In Stitches book and thinking inappropriate thoughts about a few of the projects therein.

*Sigh* I, too, wish we could wander our afternoon away at the fabric store and then drink ourselves merry putting together one project after another at your sewing table, but alas, we do live states away and that would require a very long extension cord and a handful of miracles, so maybe it would be better if we made the sewing party virtual (although the drinks can still be real, calm down.)

Plus, then we can bring in all the crafters that, like us, have been drooling obscenely over this new release and we'll all have an excuse for adding yet another book to our crafting libraries. We're all in this denial together, right? Say yes.

I definitely have a few projects in mind and a few themes, too - shall we get this party started?

I can already see my sewing machine throbbing with anticipation.

{Are you interested in joining us in the In Stitches Sew-Along? Leave a comment and let us know! You won’t regret buying this book, even if you’ve never sewn. The projects are signature Butler — creative, simple, pretty and fun. We’ll soon post project #1, along with January’s theme. Photos of the completed projects are due to finnydonksewalong at gmail dot com by the end of the month and we’ll throw them into a Flickr gallery for all the world to see. Of course there will be a sew-along button, and I’m thinking prizes too!}


PS. I like prizes. Let's do that. Virtual planning party over margaritas?


  1. I'll bring the tequila!

  2. I wanna sewalong.

    I need more girlfriends, and I want to buy a sewing machine too.. I was thinking knitting might be a good place to start...


  3. count me in...what are we making?
    (also, love the Bill Bryson choices for book him!)

  4. I don't know how to sew, people!! No fair!!

  5. I just happened to find your blog, somehow. I would love to participate if you're taking "outsiders". I have the book and have made napkins and placemats. I'm a knitter and sewing newbie.

    Are you setting up a site, or just a Flickr site?


  6. Kelli - :)

    Fury - Whenever you get access to a machine, feel free to join in. We'll have a different project for each month, so you can join in whenever you're set.

    Laura - We're making either the Document Duvet or the Fabric Organizer Baskets - your choice. And the theme is "Use what you have" so go into your stash and find something sassy!

    Shell - Sorry love - feel free to drink a long instead?

    Viiv - We're all outsiders here - join on in! We have a Flickr pool for photos and Kelli are writing back and forth to each other on our blogs while we work through the monthly projects as a sort of working dialogue. We'll do a different project from the book each month with a different them (Use what you have is the theme for January).

    Just email your name and blog URL (if you have one) to: finnydonksewalong AT gmail DOT com to get your name on the official list.



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