Monday, January 22, 2007

[Status] January InStitches Project

Dear Donk,

Your document duvet is HOT! In a sultry voile and red ribbon kind of way. I'm sure it won't surprise you that I have that same voile in my stash at home. Thexy.

And aren't you the overacheiver with your coordinating photo file, too. I'll admit, I didn't go there. As it turns out, I barely print a photo off the digital cam unless I'm immediately wrapping it with photo corners and sticking it to a card, so I'm not sure what I'd do with a file. But now looking at how cute yours is, I'm thinking I could make one and use it to store recipes instead. Am I blaspheming?

Meanwhile, I've looked at the Flickr gallery and there are a couple new entries - kick ass! That's good, too, since January is nearly over (WTF!) and the deadline for this month's project is 1/31. And, since I'm a fucking psycho, I've already started thinking about exactly which projects we should try for February.

You know, February, that month that has had the stores stocked with big red hearts and fatty candy since 12/26. So, for this month of chalky "Wuv you" hearts and ruffled balloons I thought we'd do a little bedroom-type theme and go for either the Sleeping Mask or Bedside Organizer.

Of course, what you choose to store in your Organizer or what activities proceed the donning of the Sleeping Mask are up to you, but I have a few ideas in mind that I won't go into right now.


Ok, doll, back to the wholesome discussion of sewing. You choose the theme. I am already excited to get started.


PS Bubba will get a big hello from you tonight. That's all I'm going to say...


  1. You are so funny. Love this. I'm thinking the theme should be embellishment. You've got to add one embellishment of your choice to your finished project -- whether it may be a button, piece of ribbon, trim, etc.
    Whaddya think?

    P.S. I was thinking of using the photo file for coupons. How sassy, non?

  2. I need to make a sleeping mask too. What a good idea. Mine needs eyeballs though.

  3. Donk - Embellishment I like! Perhaps I can make good on my "learn to embroider" bit by actually getting out the thread instead of looking at it all organized and pretty in it's clear box. Squweeeeee!

    LL - OMG. Eyeballs on the sleeping mask. That is perfectly hilarious and you. Although, would it be wrong if it were "me" for just this project. I think it'd be hilarious to be wearing it on a plane (I always wear sleeping masks when I sleep on the plane) if it had big eyeballs on the front? FUNNY!

  4. I think I'll go with the sleep mask. Now how can I embellish it? hmmm, I'm off to check out my stuff box.


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