Thursday, January 04, 2007

InStitches A-Long

Dear Donk,

I'm turning over a new, lazy, irresponsible leaf this year. I'm not making resolutions. I've resolved not to resolve. I'm not sure how I landed on this or why, but it's a little unsettling for someone as list oriented and anal retentive as I.

So, in order to quench my not-resolving thirst I thought, what if, for Project #1, we choose either the Document Duvet OR the Fabric Organizer Baskets? That way we can all choose the one that would organize us best - thus satisfying the "Get Organized in the New Year" un-resolution on my non-list.

Oh - and let's give it some extra clean-slate-for-the-new-year flavor by Using What We Have on hand for the theme. Since cleaning out the closets/stash/craft shelves are always on my non-list and the fabric store has a shoot-on-site order for me after my last rampage through the remnant bin, restricting me from procuring any new fabric until they've hired some new teenagers to enforce Remnant Etiquette.

Let me know what you think and we'll open the crafty floodgates to everyone taking part.

Meanwhile, I made up a badge that we can put up on the blogs. Che fancy, no? Be nice.

The power of the A-long is in your hands...execute at will.



  1. With a margarita in hand, I toast your craftiness! I'm on board. Now, back to the sewing machine.

  2. you two crack me up! i wish i went to college with you guys!

  3. the fabric organizer baskets have some measurements wrong...

  4. I stumbled over here via AfricanKelli's blog... those virtual margaritas have some kick, don't they? Here I thought I was the only one thinking obscene thoughts about Ms. Butler and her way with a rotary cutter. Do you girls need a partner in crime on the east end of the country? I promise to provide all the Manhattans we can handle. (I'm actually from Buffalo but our local drink is cheap beer and we're going to be too classy for such with all our fancy organizational tools.)

    Can't wait to start sewing!

  5. Kelli - I'll be pulling out the machine today...and wading into the stash for some good Duvet material. Cheers!

    Lera - Oh, if you only saw us in our college days. It was something, alright. And to think, they let us work together, too! Ill-advised ;)

    Soren - Yeah, Kelli posted the link to the changes on her blog. Guess I"ll have to take a look at that before I get rolling. Thanks!

    Leslie - So glad you're coming along for the drunken sewing mayem. Don't laugh when I tell you that I"ve never had a Manhattan. Sorry, must be the California in me. You can indoctrinate us - or we can all just drink cheap beer, which also works.

  6. Oh (insert favorite Italian swear word here)! When are they gonna get a Joann's over here? Or Michael's? This is definitely making me feel the pain over lack of craftiness in Italy. AARGH. I'll just have to live vicariously through this one. :-( Can I at least partake in the virtual cocktails??

  7. I'm so in with the "use what you have" theme. I might regret it later on when I see that perfect yarn that I simply must have, but I'm going to go for it.

  8. Shelley - Partake in the virtual cocktails and feel free to commiserate with any of us when we hit the inevitable snag with our projects. For instance, the grommet scenario. BASTARD GROMMETS.

    Christine - Sweet! Jump in and get rid of whatever scraps you have left and then we can spoil ourselves next month on the February project. Glad to have you on board.


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