Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First, I would like to make it clear that I am not entirely the world's biggest copycat, but I have to say that AfricanKelli inspired me, once again, to get back in touch with my happy self. The happy self that lives underneath my hard candy shell of stress, responsibilities, high expectations and general crabbiness. The inspiration came a week or so ago when she shared her Saturday morning ritual of tossing all the laundry in the wash and heading out for a morning walk and a bagel.

Well, as it turned out, I had just such the opportunity this past weekend. For the first time in many torturous weeks the sun broke free of the clouds and it stopped raining for a day. This coincided with hubby being out of town and thus resulted in my jumping clear of the bed as soon as the sunshine hit my face. I eagerly dragged all the laundry to the machines while putting on my shoes and clothes (Hi neighbors, I'm sorry I never remember to close the blinds) and I hit the pavement with my digital cam and one big dollar for tea. My soft chewy center was primed for happy!

I'll not tease you with lackluster descriptions of the awesomeness bursting from every bit of outside, instead I'll just show you photos and spare you the misery. (If you're wondering why I didn't just post these photos to the photo pool on Flickr, it is because that thing is the work of the devil and I've already reached my alotted space for uploads for the month. What kind of crap is that? Leave it to Yahoo...) Anyway, my addition to the Gracious Garden Party Photos :

Oh, the neighborhood was looking so HOT with all its newly sprouted greenness, I could have just pinched its butt! But I didn't. Because, well, I was already getting suspicious glares from people as I took shots of their blooming flowers. In fact, as I shot the cala lily above, a unibrowed man stepped out to his porch to give me the skunk eye and make sure I wasn't making off with his neighbors flowers. Despite my cheerful, "Good Morning!", he was not to be swayed, and he just stepped back into the darkness of his cave without even a nod hello. He must still have on his crabby candy shell. Not I! I was in touch with my chewy nougat center and on a caffeine induced rampage through the neighborhood stealthily photographing the landscape that has been beaten down by all this winter rain.

And, you know what, it was so great on Saturday, I did it again Sunday -- except swapping out the camera for the iPod which brought fewer evil stares and increased the gooiness of my happy center even more. I am loving my spring morning walks. My candy shell does not stand a chance.

You know who else loves spring, delicious freshly cut grass and run of the yard? Fat Rocket. She had her heyday this one unrainy day as well. She munched down on the lawn, disappeared annoyingly into the neighbors yard and swatted at me vigorously when I tried to shoo her back into the house. However, she did greet hubby with renewed love and adoration when he returned home from his travels. I present, "Man meets Feline":

Perhaps he has a delicious candy shell?


  1. omg that is too funny. And he didn't even wake up!

    I have to tell you Fin, you've definitely put a smile on my hard candied shell face this morning.
    I have been grumpy since I went to be last night, and you're sweet silliness has crakced the exterior.


  2. Great video! That's hilarious.

  3. OMG. I am crying at my desk I am laughing so hard. AHH!

  4. Hee...funniest video I have seen in ages. Thanks for sharing!
    (is hubby really sleeping through the whole thing?)


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