Monday, April 10, 2006

Fast like lightning!

Ok, only a quick moment for a post. But I HAVE to do it because my mom is braving the big bad world o' blogs to see photo evidence of my foray into the world of softees and I don't want to disappoint. So, here's softee #1 going to my fave babe, Ms. Ava, for her #2 Easter. Or, Keister, as we call it in the FinnyKnits household:

Darling, non? Best part is that I didn't have to shop for a scrap of material for this project. That basket full of fabric and yarn leftie overs went to good use. Down to the stuffing for his belly. Oh, and let's not forget the FIRST TIME EVER embroidery on his face. Yes, it's only two eyes a nose and mouth, but that counts. Yes it does.

More to come soon, including photos from my glorious springtime walk this weekend (I knew it was coming even before AfricanKelli invited me to her Garden Party) and a salacious video of Man Meets Feline.

Plus, hello, did you manage to get your email into the BackTack III girls in time? According to GMail, my email went out at 9:02am (their time), so I'm crossing all my parts for an invite. Hopefully they don't see this first attempt at a softee as a warning signal to, Oops, lose my email. So his ear's crooked, what ev!

Ok, super double lucky fast post gone awry -- More later.

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  1. I can't wait! And that bunny is darn cute. Bravo!


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