Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Finny Riddle

Riddle #1: What is black, white and drives all over? Our white Tacoma, that's what.

Friday night we set out for Tahoe, walnuts and skis intact, ready to start loving the precipitation we've been having rather than hating it (snow is always preferrable to rain - especially when it comes by the foot), only to find that our route was blocked by "Spin-Outs". Otherwise commonly known as "People who have no business driving in the snow casually wandering our highways with their heads in their asses". So, not to be deterred , we turned our trusty stead around and backtracked to another highway - To Tahoe or Bust! This is when Mother Nature, seeing our provocative sign, gave us the finger and then pushed a mountain down onto Highway 50, successfully blocking us from realizing our weekend dream of waist high powder. Beotch.

At that point, we had no choice but to turn around and head home, skis freshly waxed and faces freshly crestfallen. We got home at 3:30 in the morning and spent a good part of Saturday morning comatose, trying to forget how far we drove for dinner at Chevy's.

However, not to have my weekend ruined by a spiteful storm and many, many unskilled drivers, hubby and I decided to join hands and proceed with the ritualistic building of a third vegetable bed.

We were drowsy. We were awkward. We were forgetful and often close to dozing off. But we did it, built us a third vegetable bed, we did. Because, god forbid, the pumpkins share space with anything other than voraciously vining plants like themselves. Spoiled brats.

And here you see the hilariously small plants in their big new bed:

Riddle #2: How many bags of compost fit into one '67 VW Squareback?

Answer: Enough for the bumper to scrape the curb as we lugged the car down the driveway.

Now I'm choosing to be thankful for all the friggen rain, because I know the wee plants are out there, like, virtually lapping it up. In fact, Pumpkinzilla is probably constructing something of a battleship so as to better survey his acreage. Either way, the rain's not going anywhere for a while, so I'm just hoping the small plants make it through to sunny weather.

After all the dirt play was done, I came inside and made a mess. Much to hubby's delight, I made good on my promise to destroy the kitchen with the turtle brownie gooiness from this month's Cooks Illustrated. Seen here in all it's sticky glory:

Let us take note of how my, albeit delicious, brownies look NOTHING like the specimens of utter perfection from the magazine. Shocker. Apparently cutting them with a chef's knife is an important detail. Well, I'm so sorry but it was dirty and I was too lazy to clean it after MAKING CARMEL FROM SCRATCH, HELLO! So, I cut it with another kind of knife that I don't know the name of and it was apparently not the right one. Oh, and I cut my finger trying to make perfect squares. Still though, so SO good brownies. I came home last night and hubby was asleep on the couch next to an empty platter that used to look like this:

Yes, these are the retard brownies that I made him eat first before eating the "Pretty" ones. I know, I'm a monster. He must've eaten them all to spite me cuz there wasn't a crumb left. My next conquest: the Strawberry Layer Cake you can see featured next to the brownies in the magazine. In case you were wondering, too: Yes, the Cook's Illustrated chefs do have magic wands.


  1. God this all sounds like so much fun! I love Chevys. And then there is the gardening. Topped off with chocolate no less! Bravo for looking at the whole snow/mountain falling in on us thing with a good attitude.
    And this line, well it made me laugh out loud:In fact, "Pumpkinzilla is probably constructing something of a battleship so as to better survey his acreage."
    Good morning Fin!

  2. ohhh those brownies look soooo sinfully delish...

    Nice work Fin!


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