Friday, April 28, 2006

Dirt therapy and a weekend of sunshine

As of late, the normally sunshiney, creativity laden, laugh until you snort Finnyland has been hidden beneath a mound of stress, overactivity and a personal family loss. Well, clearly, this can't go on.

And so I am instituting a weekend of Dirt Therapy.

This is when I gather up my wee plants from the windowsill, where they've taken to flipping me the bird with their mightily overgrown leaves, and wander out to the garden to sit right down in the dirt.

A time honored hippie tradition from Finny childhood, Dirt Therapy can cure many maladies. Not the least of which being Shoulder Earmuffs, Prune Eyeballs, Pew Ass and strong cases of SmallTalkitis.

In addition to the long days of Dirt Therapy I have planned, I'm going to get rolling on my new book:

dig through the waist high stack of magazines:

bake something:

cook something, go for a long walk or two with the premise of getting a cup of tea and lazily browse the fabric store while the annoyed clerks tap their pinking shears as I hem and haw over the merits of batik versus thematic prints for my Backtack 3 project I'm already stressing over. What 20% color will I choose?! You mock me, but it's a big decision. I also need to decide if I'm going to roll the dice on my buddies sense of humor and put that fifth required button where I'd originally planned. Do most people have a similiar sense of deranged humor? We'll see.

Beyond that, I may get started on my first knitting project as a Godmamma, watch some dusty Netflix (March of the Penguins, Born Into Brothels or Million Dollar Baby anyone?) and expose my chickeny legs to their first glimpse of sunlight in six months. Who knows, things could get racy and I could run amok in a tube top to even out the AMAZINGLY RESILIENT and long lasting sports bra tan I've been holding onto since last summer. I'll have to get someone to take a photo of this phenom, it's something to behold.

I hope to be back Monday, restored to my full Finny self, with photos of happily planted seedlings and a successful batch of madeleines to show off.


  1. I'd pass on Million Dollar Baby, very good but very sad...sorry I hope I didn't ruin it for you.


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