Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh Finny, how does your garden grow?


Ok, I admit it, I have precious little patience with most things in life, and that includes my garden. Now, in the spring, when I plant my vegetable garden, I tend to use *gasp* seedling plants to start out, instead of seeds. But for my winter garden, I used seeds and they are taking FOREVER. For someone used to seeing dramatic growth spurts and practically listening to the plants sprout blossoms and new leaves, I'm having a hard time with this winter gardening.

However, I am trying to be patient and here's some new photos of the "progress" I found when I ventured out into the garden between rain storms:

Broccoli, taking it's sweet ass time:

Lettuce, now rescued from snacking squirrels, making a second attempt at production:

And the mighty carrots, showing the most promising growth. Especially the one with such a strong will to live that it's sprouted up between the sprinkler manifold, brick and wire fence. I did not have the heart to thin this little fella.

So, as you can see, it's slow going in the vegetable beds in the winter time. I mean, this far into the spring veg garden and I had harvested the first of my tomatoes and was already ogling watermelons and canteloupes. Perhaps we'll have a head of broccoli by the time our kitchen is done. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that the garden is coming along slowly, since we all know how *quickly* our kitchen is progressing. *Sigh*

A sneak peek at the other hangers-on in the Finny garden: (Meyer Lemon, Black Rose, Tree Aloe cutting, mixed succulents)

Not to be ungrateful for the winter "bounty" I have going on here, but I have already picked out the seeds for my spring garden. That's right, I said seeds. I am going to attempt to start seeds for our Big Boy tomatoes, canteloupe, watermelon and cukes in my sunny nook window this spring.

I know you're all riveted. What's worse, for you all that is, is that my mom-in-law gave me a book on worm composting for Christmas and I plan to use it to build my own worm composting farm. Gross? Yes! Beneficial? Yes! Likely to come to fruition in my house? We'll see.

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