Monday, December 19, 2005

For the love of Nyquil

With all the super frantic messiness of the holidays and entertaining, I managed to come down with a nasty bugger of a cold. Sure, it probably didn't help that hubby was sneezing with great enthusiasm throughout our teeny house and usually without covering his sneeze holes, but I try not to hold grudges. Instead I take Nyquil without hesitation and no one asks any questions.

So, in an effort to get over my cooties before heading to the mom-in-laws for Chrimmas, I took the weekend off from any holiday activities (save for the Friday night Merriment party I'd already RSVP'd for) and sat my ass right there on the couch cushion closest to the roaring fireplace and within sight of the TV all weekend for some much needed R&R.

Low and behold, it worked. I feel so much better! Who knew that actually resting when you felt sick would make you feel better? I guess in the day and age when calling in sick really means working from home in your pajamas in front of a laptop, I have not actually experienced resting when sick, more just not getting fully dressed when sick.

Either way, with my resty-resty weekend, I also got to knit, which is what makes the Finny ultimately happy and I made another OSW with all my heaps of resty time. See, sometimes, cooties can do good while doing evil:

Knitted with Rowan Tweed-Front

Oh, and for the record, this also took more than the one fabled skein to complete.

As for the rest of the weekend, I watched some horrific football (Being a Niner and Chiefs fan does not lend well to a satisfying NFL experience), wrapped some last minute gifts and read a very good book-"Moloka'i". Good story about the effects of leprosy on turn of the century Hawaiian families. I highly recommend it.

Next on the docket -- Mermaid Chair and Outwitting History while I'm buried in snow for Christmas. I'll also be heading to my newest discovery -- Commuknity-- this great looking knitting shop in my new hood. I have high hopes.

Happy knitting and Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. oooh. I can't wait to hear about the Commuknity. We are getting a new knitting shop in Tempe, so it is rumored, we'll have to check out when you come for your early Spring visit.


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