Monday, April 30, 2012

Weirdness. It's everywhere.

I'll tell you why this is weird later.

Remember Adopt a Crop? Yeah, me too. I liked it. It was fun.

Maybe it was just the polling or maybe it was the planting of a randomly chosen thing, but when I realized that I'd planted out the whole garden this year without putting in the one random thing that would get us all WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING later in the year, I got sad.

Well, not *sad*, but just kinda felt lame about it.

But since I'm the All Powerful Oz around here (and by "here" I mean, "this blog"), I've decided to do Adopt a Crop this year, but just a little different so that I don't have to rip something out of the garden just to satisfy my urge to grow something weird.

Weird can grow elsewhere in my yard, I just know it. And, really, weird grows ALL OVER my damn yard, so it won't be that weird anyway.

If weird falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a weird sound?

OK, I've gotten off track.

This year's Adopt a Crop weirdness is of the tomato variety. Weird in the sense that these varieties from which you are about to choose are not all Standard Red Beefsteak Tomato varieties.

No, some are fucked up colors and - here's the weird part - they're not going in the vegetable garden. I'm just going to jam them in the yard.

Don't you love it? Weird tomato growing - it's the best.


Hopefully it's not just weird. I'd love to ship off some weird byproduct of the weird tomatoes grown in the weird place later this year to one of you weird fuckers rather than just sit here and go, well, that was weird and move on with my life.

Has this gotten weird?

I don't think I can use that word anymore.

Choose your weird *shiver* tomato: (See the types here)

Which weirdo tomato should I grow?
Berkeley Tie Dye (Freakshow bi-color that's probably high right now)
Cherokee Purple (Psycho looks like a bruise)
Copia (Is it orange? Is it red? Only the crazies know for sure.)
Caspian Pink (It's pink. That's not right.)
Neves Azorean Red (It's from the Azores. 'Nuff said.)

Free polls from

Vote for your favorite variety by Friday and I'll plant your choice this weekend in the...uh...*odd* place in my yard. Then we'll just see what happens with that...uh...*strangeness*.

Meanwhile, speaking of oddities (FYI: not all of these are garden related, so if that's all you're here for, you're free to go)...

Poppies growing randomly just right next to the beehive. Probably because that's where Jada dumps.

Someone sunk a ship in my cocktail. (Gin and Titonic - get it? HAR.)

We ripped out our wall thinking our pipes were leaking when IN FACT they were just NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED. HA HA FUCKING HA. Argh.

Already got an artichoke on the plants. Is that weird? Maybe not.

I daresay the weirdness does not need explanation. I hope the tomatoes are in good hands.

So go vote already and I'll let you know what's getting planted this weekend before the weekend comes. Or not - that's the weird part!

OK, never again with that word.


  1. I *do* miss Adopt-A-Crop (even if the rabid messkin snails ate my last years' contender!).

    But I'm certainly game for "wonky tomatoes" as an alternate! I'm right there with ya on "Copia" 'maters (in fact, I think I got one from YOU!). I did NOT plant Berkeley Tie-Dyed this year. OTOH, I got some Black Zebras intead (which are similar: Green/deep-red psychedelic 'maters that were *quite* prolific last year).

    My "Freaky" Addition for this year: "Indigo Rose:" deep-bluish/purply tomatoes. No clue how they're gonna do, but I remain guardedly optimistic!

    I love-love-love harvesting baskets-full of multi-colored tomatoes (waaaay the hell more interesting than "all red!") And it's fun to "segregate" them before I de-skin/de-seed and bag-n-freeze them!

    And - now that I have my Very Own Pressure Cooker - I suspect there will be LOTS of Pasta Sauces in my future!!!

    1. Weird pasta sauce is going to be the new rage, I can feel it.

    2. Oooooh!!! PURPLE pasta-sauce. Yeah Baybee!! That's what *I'm* talkin' about!!!

  2. I've got my artichoke plants in the fridge right now, trying to convince them that they're experiencing a mild California winter. We'll see.

    Good to see what they look like when they actually do experience a mild California winter.

    1. HA! You have to put them in the fridge to experience "mild" winters. Too funny. I mean, for me. For you it's probably less funny.

  3. I've had all those tomatoes, and the copia are my faves. I see that the tye-died and purple guys are winning though. bunch of predictable hippies you all are.

    1. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally...that's good to know. They look beautiful, so I'm up for growing those if they're chosen by the predictable hippies around here ;)

  4. what the hell is going on with that pipe? And I LOVE that you have random hippies in tie dye showing up for tomato plant love.

    1. I'll tell you what's going on with that pipe - IT'S NOT CONNECTED. Hence the leak. It is now beyond doubt that the "plumber" that reno'd our house (not our hire - it was like this when we got here) had a beef with gaskets of any variety. Not a SINGLE PIPE in our house was connected properly or thoroughly.


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