Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Austin is delicious

Oh my god I'm still full.

Because Kelli and I went to Austin for our Girls' Trip this year and WOW does that town have some delicious BBQ.

So it just looks like a pile of meat. BUT IT TASTES LIKE HEAVEN SO CAN IT.

Not that I'm cheating on Kansas City, home of my beloved Bubba and Jack Stack - maker of the finest burnt ends a woman/man/rabid monkey on a bender could possibly want - but lord knows I do love Rudy's.

Also, I got to introduce Kelli to the concept of ordering food by the pound. Good times.

And I will put that on the record - my favorite BBQ in Texas is Rudy's.

Call it The Worst all you want, Rudy's people, we all know the truth. Also - cattle prod.

Though the guy from whom we rented bikes thought that was ridiculous, apparently.

His dog, however, did not judge me for my favorites. Good puppy.

I do so love it when someone asks you what your favorite *anything* is and then proceeds to immediately discredit you as though you're some sort of retard.

Because you couldn't possibly be trusted to know what your favorite things are. No - that is for others to know and for you to feel incompetent about.

Please, hippie man, tell ME what *I* like because I have no idea.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Austin was delicious and also rad.

Although, mainly delicious.

The ice cream...uh...melted before I could get a photo.

How perfect does this burger look? Not as perfect as it tasted, FYI.

Highly recommend The Snack Bar, if only for the fact that they have flash-fried Brussels Sprouts.

Oh - also, you can get a Shandy. Divine.

Black's Barbeque in Lockheart - worth the drive. Also, that's banana pudding with Nilla Wafers, not eggs.

Yep. Awesome.
However, lest you think that all Kelli and I did for the long weekend was eat, I will tell you that we also rode bikes all around town (instead of driving and parking and, in so doing, making ourselves suicidal), visited Stevie Ray Vaughan, got the manis/pedis, shopped, lounged by the pool, went to the spa, drank our faces off and OH MY did we chat.

And chat and chat and chat and chat.

Once a year we spend four days together and LO it is a busy chattery time. I doubt anyone could stand to be within earshot of us the entire time.

It's divine. For us. Less so for anyone who has to listen to it I imagine.

I feel all caught up now. And also full.


  1. And yet, I still have more to say. Time to plan next year!
    Miss you, Finnberg.

  2. I miss the Texas Cheesesteak sammiches, too.

  3. oh my god, do I miss Rudy's so f'ing much. The first place my parents take me when I land for a visit home is Rudy's. 24 days until my next Rudy's!


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