Monday, October 17, 2011

My eyes are full

I'm sure there's something I'm supposed to be telling you about right now, but instead I'm going to tell you about fishing.

People - I finally got a solid weekend on the river.



And this wasn't the HALF of it. Fucking beautiful out there.

Now, yes, I did only catch the one beautiful rainbow trout, but that's not important.

That's me. Not catching my fish yet.

What's important is that I tromped up and down the west fork of the Carson river with Bubba and another good fishing buddy to the tune of Lake Tahoe winding down for winter.

Pretty soon we'll be covered with snow.

Folks, it's fall out there and GOD DAMN if it's not the most beautiful heart-swellingly stunning time of year.

I wish I could hug a river.

Which I didn't adequately capture in photos because:
1. I didn't have my big daddy camera
2. We weren't stopping alongside the road for one hot second to capture the really pretty spots because WE WERE GOING FISHING DAMNIT
3. WE WERE FISHING DAMNIT and lord knows I will drop a camera if it's not tied to my vest and since the camera tied to my vest died shortly after arriving on the river, well...there you go.

So I obviously stole Bubba's camera when he leapfrogged me at this spot.

Not a lot of pictures, not a lot of fish, but LOTS of fishing and fabulousness anyway.

Can you feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the fabulousness? Thought so.

Plus, it was a great warm up for our trip to the White River in Arkansas in a few weeks, wherein I will fish for four days straight and see some more fall color and hopefully catch WAY more fish and also hang out with our other favorite fishing buddies.

This is what every picture of him looks like. The man is ON the fish at all times.

So, yeah. I had a great weekend of fishing the Carson river (caught my one rainbow on a grasshopper indicator with a pheasant tail nymph dropper, if you're interested) and I'm being gently encouraged to take up fly tying, so you know that will soon mean 101 hobbies, 0 free time and YAY MORE BITCHING.

I'm a treat.


  1. Fly fishing too? Seriously, is there anything you don't know how to do? I'm strictly a saltwater kind of girl, but that fancy stuff is big business inland from us; I gather people come here just for the rivers upcountry.
    Gorgeous pictures, can't wait to read about adventures in fly-tying...

  2. I am jealous. I am in the middle of the freaking desert, where the closest body of water is a large mud-hole called Elephant Butt(e). And there are none of those things you call "trees". And you can't eat what you get out of it. I have to drive three hours just to get to a place with fish that won't kill me (and some shade too).

    On the other hand...I don't have to shovel sunshine in the middle of winter (just sand in the summer).

    Happy Fishing!

    (and I feel for your poor non-water-loving camera. Maybe drying it out will save it...good luck)

  3. Now your talking...bees, lip balm and farmer's markets are ok, but a post like this makes my palms itchy.

    Heeeeell yeah.

    BEST time of the year to be out and about in the backcountry enjoying nature...the crowds are gone and the scenery is spectacular.

    Nice haul, too.

    If ya'll ever make it out this way, tell Bubba he'll need a bigger net. Much bigger.

  4. My experiences fishing haven't been too fun. I've never even got a fishing license since it doesn't look like too much fun. But it is pretty there :)

  5. Lemme know if you want a squirrel tail for some fly-tying material. I can hook you up.

    Yeah, everyone wishes they had a friend like me.

  6. Those pictures make me want to cry. Seriously. SO GORGEOUS.

    Also, I love that you are just as much of a hobby whore as I am. Who needs free time! I got shit to make and do!

  7. Love it. Can't wait to get my fly fishing gear for Christmas and follow in your footsteps.

    Yeehaw for relaxing, fun weekends that do not involve to do lists.


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