Saturday, October 01, 2011

Let's talk tomatoes.

Because who wants to talk turkey? Turkey's not that good. Particularly when compared to tomatoes.

180 pounds of tomatoes.


Yeah - think about it - would you rather have 180 pounds of turkey?

*Doubting it*

Or you could have a turkey sando. Your call.

This season has been good to me in the way of tomatoes. Cucumbers...not so much, but tomatoes - yes.

Fatty. Beautiful fatty.

And since I'm still keeping up my Garden Tracker for the third year (nerd alert), I can tell you that we're 33 pounds over last year's final tally, and three of the four plants are still in the ground.

Producing tomatoes.

As we speak right here.

Yes, I know we're not really speaking, but stay focused, would you?

What the F is that?

So, even though I pulled the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes today because EW CREEPY, I still have this rogue pear tomato growing in with the Better Boys and maybe that will get us to 200 lbs before we call it quits later this month.

Farewell Sun Golds - you're a wild pain in my ass.

So much more Wild than Tomatoes.
Oh right - there are pepper plants under there.

Also, tasty.

Gold tomato relish. Mmm...*smack*

So now that I'm free of the marauding cherry tomatoes, I can focus intently on the peppers uncovered in the process. Which means that *maybe* I can make a single jalapeno popper from the jalapeno popper-specific peppers.

You remember.

We're hula-ing out of our blossom for you. Sexy.

But let's not get distracted from the tomato update with too many non-tomato subjects. Peppers are great, but when we're only 28 lbs of tomatoes away from the all time record, one must stay focused.

And by one - I mean all of us.

So, say it with me people - GO TOMATOES.

Also, you look creepy.

Think red, y'all.

Or pink. In this case, pink is acceptable.


  1. My inlaws brought me ONE tomato. One. I went out and bought myself a whole canning kit just so I could make some god damn salsa and they bring me one tomato, but enough green beans to get through an apocolypse and feed the world. :/

  2. Wowsa!! Amazing!

  3. ONly 180? It's like you weren't even trying this year.


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