Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gone fishing. Again.

Bubba and I are heading out again to the backwaters of Arkansas to see about some trout.

So, I won't be here filling your eyes with swears or false promises about beehive videos or updates on the sweater I'm knitting or flash freak outs about NaNoWriMo which HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE totally starts in five days.

Which means that on my flight home from Arkansas, I'll be tap-tap-tapping away on my laptop like an annoying douche and probably aggravating the crap out of everyone around me.

But, to that I say - SUCK IT - because they're always annoying me by refusing to honor the Rules of Air Travel by snaking the arm rests away from the middle person (which I always am) or by crying continually and loudly because they haven't learned how to chew gum or clear their ears yet or by kicking my chair, smelling like they've tucked an onion sandwich under their arms, using my chair back as leverage as they launch their big butts toward the bathroom for the fiftieth time or a hundred other tired complaints about air travel.

Shit annoys me, is what I'm saying.

But - it's worth it. Because in 24 hours I will be casting into a slow moving river surrounded by lovely fall scenery alongside some of my very favorite people in the whole wide world.

And then we will drink homebrews from the keg, eat homemade KC BBQ and catch up on miscellaneous bullshit while we try not to split our sides laughing at one another's tired and delightful jokes.

Then we will catch some fucking fish.

Hallelujah for that. See you in a week.


  1. I like that you say, "fuck" on here :)

  2. Have fun and don't kill anyone.

  3. And then you will FUCKING SMOKE THEM, HELL YEAH.

    Or maybe not, but I'm a fan of the smoked fish now. As you can tell.

    I know you'll have fun, so instead I'll just say good luck and may the fish rise up to meet your hook.

  4. Uhhhhh, do I have to earn you to watch out for the brownies...... No one needs to go drownin in that there river.


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