Monday, November 08, 2010

Flip-flops: The latest in winter wear.

Remember when I told you the big news?


You know...about our fireplace? The new one?

Still, no?

With the remote control that will keep me safe from blowing off my face?

Really? Still, no?

The one that will retire the Ugly Librarian Sweater?

Oh yeah, NOW you remember. You're just like Bubba. I can say a million meaningful things but the second I mention that, "blahblahblah I don't think I'll need the Ugly Librarian Sweater anymore blahblahblah", his eyes light up like it's Christmas friggen morning.


Anyway, so the new fireplace. It's in.

The sub-contractors who came out to professionally torture me with their Down With The Sickness ringtones also happened to install our gas insert over the course of, like, five hours, so now I get to push ON with delight and watch my fireplace do something that used to take at least 20 minutes, a change of clothes, a hike to the backyard (usually in the rain) and a few tries to get going.

POOF - on. I love that.

And, an announcement that may be of greater importance than the potential retiring of the Ugly Librarian Sweater - I can possibly wear flip-flops year round now.

SERIOUSLY! That is big news right there. Not that I'll be able to work on my flip-flop tan in the winter months since, while I can be warmed by this fake fire, I can not actually be tanned by it, but still - big news that I won't have to maybe wear socks and leg warmers and slippers all at once to keep my toes from freezing off from November - April.

That is awesome.

Unfortunately, we haven't quite mastered restraint with the push button greatness of this fireplace yet and so ended up cooking ourselves into a Finny and Bubba stew yesterday as we watched Sunday football and made up for a Saturday off of NaNoWriMo by writing 3K+ words in one sitting.

It's possible that my novel has taken on a football theme, though I can't be sure since I refuse to go back and read anything I've written because I'll be too tempted to edit. And you can't edit during NaNoWriMo!

I mean, you can, but then you might kill your word count and no one wants that.

So, yeah, this post isn't really all that substantive, but I thought you should know that I will probably be wearing flip-flops all winter long when I'm at home, while NOT wearing the Ugly Librarian Sweater as long as when the gas bill arrives it doesn't rival our mortgage payment.

Because we fully realize that we're riding the sweet spot with the new fireplace right now. That time after it's arrived BUT before you get the bill, so you *don't really know how bad it will be* so you just crank it up and then, when it gets too hot, you turn it off and open the front door to catch a breeze as though it's the middle of July.

Yeah, we've been bad. But I'm sure that first bill will set us straight.

So, on second thought, the Ugly Librarian Sweater may be back IN and the flip-flops may go back out into the garage with the off-season clothes, but I'm waiting for that first bill to decide. Don't tell Bubba.

And sorry for the bizarre posts this month, you'll have to bear with me, as NaNoWriMo is working in tandem with the fireplace to cook my brains.


  1. Finny:

    I've gotta tell you how much I appreciate your blog, esp. since I've been following it for a while now and I'm starting to feel like a stalker, reading along in anonymity. I literally sit here (reading) by myself and laugh out loud, an occasion previously only reserved for Friends episodes and more recently, The Office. But you're even better because it's real life. So thank you for your good, honest, hilariousness. :)


  2. You give me hope that one day we too can have a gas fireplace. Until then, the ugly librarian sweater (reincarnated as the worn race hooded sweatshirt, and piles of fluffy socks will live on in our house. Enjoy!

  3. Aw, I can't see the image :( And I wanted to!

    Since you say you were tortured by the "Down with the Sickness" should hear this. You should really hear this.

  4. Finnela,
    I read your post to my husband. Warm is his religion. I think he loves you.

  5. Here is all I have to say about that: Jealous.

  6. I wear my crocs in snow. I don't even care. (I have weird feet which don't hold flipflops on, or those crocs would be flipflops in 4 seconds.) Congrats on your new fireplace!

  7. Long live the flip flops!! For some reason I can't see your pictures :(

  8. Meg - Wow! Thanks! So glad you find yourself laughing instead of cringing.

    Katy - Never underestimate the power of hideous winter wear. It is immense.

    Galadriel - #1 I reloaded the photo for you so I hope you can see it now. #2 Stop it. I am not down with the sickness. Though that video was a touch funny.

    Jeny - You come back here and call me Finnela whenever you want because I just love that now. And your husband should be busy with the fireplace after this, too.

    Kris - Well, if it helps at all (though I'm not sure it does) I have thought of you frequently when propping my flip-flopped toes up on the mantel.

    You're here in spirit, my friend.

    cure - we're not going to talk about Crocs, but I will commend you for your sticktothecrocsness that has you bearing your toes in the snow.

    Julie - Can you see it now? I reloaded for you all. :)

  9. Whoohoo, I can see the fireplace now! And the flipfops, too.


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