Monday, November 15, 2010

Adopt a Crop: Winner of Randomness

So, of the 21 of you who knew "what to do" after my end of season post, a random one of you will now win a random prize box of randomness from the garden.

Isn't random fun?

I think so.

Because it's a mystery. And it'll come in a mystery box. And that is all very reminiscent of one of my favorite Family Guy episodes. A reference which, in and of itself, is awash in randomness. And, if you are a fan of random shit, I might just draw some question marks on the outside of your random box of randomness just for fun. Though I won't be throwing in any free tickets to a a comedy show. Too random.

Know what else is random? The germination rate of the 25+/- fava bean seeds I planted in the garden after I tore it down. I think that maybe five have germinated and that pretty much blows in the germination department. Also random was that I rode over to OSH yesterday to get a few more packets of hopefully viable fava seeds and BOO they didn't have any.

So, now I will have to go online to buy fava seeds because, randomly, I've become attached to having fava beans growing in my garden all winter long. It makes the empty beds a little more interesting and doesn't leave wide swaths of soft dirt open for the greedy claws of squirrels who like to bury walnuts from my neighbor's tree or cats who like to bury their you know what from their you know where.

I don't need to go into specifics on that.

And if you're at all interested in the status of the final harvest, well, it's all been taken care of one way or another. We ate the last tomatoes the other night in a perfect rendition of Vietnamese Stuffed Tomatoes and they were spectacular. Then we fell into a deep depression knowing that those were the last fresh tomatoes we'd have until next summer but DON'T FREAK OUT, BUBBA we're about to enter Brussels sprouts season and, randomly, we both LOVE Brussels sprouts.

Remember this? Oh yeah, you do.

Have you had enough of my manufactured randomness? Thought so.

Random winner of random box of random garden preserves is Jenny!

So, Jenny, she of the Not Linked to Any Profile Identity comment , email me at finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom  with your full name and address so that I can send your prize of randomness.

And, if you're really into the random nature of this prize, I can even send it on a random date so that you don't know when it will show up. FUN! Is it? Yeah, I don't know either.

But still, email me your mailing details and I'll start packing a box with random.

For the rest of you then, sorry that you won't be getting random shit sent to your house, but I assume you can take solace in the random shit that I just sent to your eyeballs with this post. Yay! Everyone wins!

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  1. Great. Not only does my cat die today but now I have to buy a Xmas gift for my mother in law. Epic fail of a day. :/


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