Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You may wonder why I bothered.

I feel like I should have something specific and earth shattering to talk about today, but for all my brain wrestling, I can't figure out what it is.

It's certainly not any running news since I still haven't signed up for any races because I'm a lazy ass and being a lazy ass is so nice that I think I'll just run around aimlessly and without a goal some more.

And it's not the garden, because even though I do have updates in that department, I haven't taken photos of any of them and you know I'm not posting a garden update without photos. Ridiculous.

And on the same No Photo No Bloggo (wow, that's creative) note, I have a crafting update for our One Yard Wonders sew along, but it will have to wait until I can do a few things simultaneously; activate my brain cells, pull out the fabric I've cut and push the big button on the camera.

Don't pressure me, though! I have a big enough zit as it is. And, on that note, how can I even get a zit? I'm 32 years old. 32 year olds aren't supposed to get zits. And on anotherANOTHER note, how did I get to be 32 years old? Just yesterday I was 19 and certain I'd stay that age forever. And that I'd also be wearing my size 4 Abercrombie khaki shorts until the day I died because that justified spending an ungodly amount of college tuition money on them for spring break.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, and it's not any of those other sidebar items except I guess I could tell you that I'm now the Featured Gardening Contributor for Associated Content even though it's been brought to my attention that following such announcements is made a tad tricky by the Associated Content people. (Sorry. If you want to follow my articles, you can subscribe to my RSS feed by adding http://www.associatedcontent.com/rss/user_836130.xml to your Readers.)

So, I guess I'll just tell you how I'm madly in love with Lake Tahoe. Not like it's a new love or anything, since I've been going there all my life and you've seen evidence of all the attention we give the place, especially in winter, but we went up there last weekend for a friend's party and WHOA if I didn't come home all re-enamored with a place.

 Maybe it's because it's fall up there, or at least the beginnings of it, but the place just brutalizes me with its beauty. Like my head is being yanked back and forth from glorious thing to awesome thing to LOOK WHAT THE DOG'S EATING thing.

It's pretty. It's impressive. It's gross.

And the combo of these things makes me love a place, it would seem.

Though I probably don't need to see Jada ripping apart a dead bird and savoring its snapping ligaments to love a place, but I am pretty sure it makes her love a place and, let me tell you, that dog fucking loves Tahoe.

Like, Will Sit 4 Hours Smushed Into The Cab of the Truck love:

I'm ready to lick your ear for 4 hours now.
 Because Tahoe, my friends, is No Leash land and this dog loves to roam and run and sniff without me being all, Come on, dog, I have to go to work sometime today and stop eating that spider.

Hey, Sam, you gonna eat that spider?
She also loves our friends' place because of a lot of reasons but mostly because it has a big deck with a big view that gives her the viewpoint from which to spot many chase-able things.

I see you, vole, and I will have you. Just so you know.
Plus, when the cabin backs up against forest land and there's nothing between her and digging a hole in the woods for an hour and a half but a sliding glass door that opens every five seconds because we are listless drunks, she knows she has it good.

I am out for the 50th time today and now I shall eat a dead something. Or poop in the neighbor's driveway.
And since we're basically in the woods with only but the finest forgiving (and also party happy) neighbors, there's plenty of jackassery going on while we all chant *SNOW*SNOW*SNOW*SNOW. Because if one thing was said more than anything else over the weekend, it was "I can't wait for it to snow."

Wish I were here.
And that is your random blog post for today. I hope you're not wondering why I bothered because my zit and I would be offended. And, really, you don't want to offend this zit. It's bigger than both of us and it fights dirty.


  1. My inlaws want to go on a family vacation to either Lake Tahoe or Seattle. And I have to be honest-- I'm jockeying HARD for Seattle. Because I'm pretty much sure I could conveniently get "kidnapped" and never come home. Which is fun because I doubt we'll have the money to go anyways. *sigh*

  2. I heart you. Really. And I don't even feel creepy about it.

  3. Thank you for bothering. The photos of Happy Jada make me happy. There's nothing like the satisfaction of a dog getting to be a dog (i.e. eat gross things and pretend to be a wolf for awhile).

  4. looks like it's time for a drive up to tahoe!
    (and, just in case you're wondering... i got one too, on my cheek, a ZIT, and i NEVER even broke out as a teenager! and i'm freaking 47! it's god's way of punishing me for something.)


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