Monday, October 04, 2010

If you're sick of my shit but still need to know how to can tomatoes.

While I don't like to shamelessly self-promote ALL the time (quiet, you), I thought I'd real quick share something with those of you who might, say, prefer to absorb the content of this blog without the blue hue.

Basically, if you're sick and fucking tired of my swearing or rambling posts, you can get some of the same stuff from my Associated Content feed. The link for this is also on the right side of the blog here (yes, Facebook readers, this is not a fancy ass Note I'm posting, it's a feed from my blog: Just so you know.)(I'm working all my shameless self-promotion into one post. Efficient!)

See, I'm a contributor there, and I add bullshit-free (AKA without cursing and rambling) articles on things like canning tomatoes, tips for new runners, gardening in Zone 9 (San Jose, CA) and what not on a semi-regular basis.

They don't take kindly to swears and drawn out accounts of taking my monster cat to the vet over at AC, so what you get instead are mind-numbing posts about canning tomatoes boiled down into a 250 word How-To type things.

And sometimes I write about my boobs, but they seem fine with that. Probably since that post has gotten the most pageviews of any of my articles so far.


Anyway, that's all the self-promotion I'm doing today. Mostly because I haven't done anything else notable that requires promoting.

Unless you consider returning to work in one piece after two weeks of insobriety and bad behavior. Which I do. Too bad no one is interested in 250 words on that topic.


  1. I LIKE your swearing or rambling posts! You make me laugh while I learn something! I may not always post, but do read your "stuff"!


  2. i bet they would be totally interested in two weeks of your bad behavior...
    i'm off to check out the tomato rantings.

  3. Whadya kidding? I`m here for the swears, dammit. I will, however, wander over there and give you some clicks, cuz I`m such a faithful fan and all.


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