Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm not good company anyway.

You may notice that I'm not hanging around here filling your eyeballs with my gardenblahblahblah or other blahblahblah things and that is because I'm brows deep in the Giants postseason and I can't focus my mind on anything other than Today's Game, regardless of what Today actually is.

And it's not just that I can't focus elsewhere, it's that I'm a pain in the ass and basically unreasonable and out of my mind.

Last night, as I was racing into the house from the car with the dog and all my bags and apologies about dinner being delayed while switching the TV on to the game I'd just left on the radio in the car (WHY ISN'T IT ON ALREADY?), our super nice neighbor who I love and is way too nice to us came to the door offering to groom the cat.

For free.

And while taking her life in her hands.

If this was a good time and would I mind holding onto the cat while she clipped and shaved and groomed her into beautiful submission.

And you know what I said? Because I'm too obsessed with HOW WILL SANCHEZ KEEP THIS UP and WHAT'S CODY GOT IN STORE FOR US TONIGHT to be a reasonable human being who knows it's high time her cat got groomed and thank her lucky stars that her neighbor is fabulous enough to do it FOR FREE?

I said no. 

This isn't actually a good time. And, yes I *could* just hold her down on the table while you do all the real work but, sadly, I'm just too preoccupied with the game to be able to focus on caring about whether the cat gets her head shaved clean off because she's trying to jump in front of the clippers because I'm too busy staring intently into the eyes of the Philly pitcher while thinking *FASTBALL* with all my might.

Thankfully, our neighbor is a perceptive and kind woman who quietly backed away from the Crazy Baseball Lady who continued shouting apologies for being a loser and won't she please come back another time except, no, sorry, tomorrow night isn't good either because it's Game 5 and no I don't expect you to know what that means, but thank you I LOVE YOU WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?

Yeah. It wasn't my best moment.

And then neither was dinner because I burned it. Which I NEVER do. But then, the crucial roasting moment doesn't usually occur during the most heart wrenching point in the game when we have the bases loaded and THE BOSS is back up at the plate trying to make this series his bitch.

So, yeah, after nothing happened with bases loaded (*tears*), I found my broccoli, cauliflower, garlic and walnuts partly smoking and black-ish on their rimmed baking sheet in the oven. Though - GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! I now know that my oven has a cool spot in the back right corner because that portion remained unscathed and properly roasted.

I gave that part to Bubba with a sincere apology for my lame dinner making and crazy making and hold on, Huff is back up to bat.

So, yeah, you don't really want me around right now writing on this blog because I'm not good company while this postseason is happening and I probably can't write a single sentence without my mind wandering toward Tonight's Game and how everything Giants rests on this game and how it's supposed to be the toughest game for us to win this season and UGH.

It's all just too much.

So, I will be making chili dogs. And cheese fries. And I bought some beer that doesn't taste like hot pee-pee (I had something awful last night and it was, well, awful). So I hope to make it up to my Bubba and the neighbors so they'll forgive me once baseball season is over and maybe come back to groom the cat who will have ballooned into a monster tumbleweed of fuzziness by then.

I do hope you'll all forgive me, too.

Go Giants.


  1. Ok, BF and I were out to dinner last night. Because we go to classy places with big screens all around, I saw the Giants win. I remember commenting to BF, "Well, Finny will be happy." Because out of all the blahblahblah, I remembered that you love the Giants. Sorry if that sounded suuuuuper stalkery. Go Giants!!

  2. I'm watching with you finny and rooting for your team. ( I have a bet against the philly's).... I hope the Yankees make it through this series. If the yankees play your team I'm not going to able to read your blog until That is over.......good luck....trish

  3. okgirl - YES! I am happy. And even happier now that we're going to the World Series. I cried, I'm not going to lie.

    Trish - Now you can root it UP for the Giants since we're playing the Rangers. Sorry about your Yanks.


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