Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Running naked

Wow - really? No one was intrigued by the Running Naked comment yesterday at the end of that long ass nonsensical post about cake?

Oh. Maybe that was it. By the time you got to the bottom of that thing, you'd already begun to string yourself up to the rafters with your network cable.

I get it. I'm not offended.

Meanwhile - Running naked - isn't that an interesting and riveting post title? I thought so.

I thought so while I was running along, all naked of the wrist, head and back, being thankful for a nice, non-stressful run where I was simultaneously not timing myself, shading my eyes from the scorching sun ball or sucking hosey water from my self-mounted Camelbak.

Post-race running is the best! Because of the nakedness!

And also because, now that it's fall, the weather is acceptable to me and does not require me to cover my head in a sweaty hot hat or dodge from one side of the street to the other in my ongoing quest for shade.

And then sometimes, when I'm really lucky, I have The Best Run Ever because it's foggy and chilly and sorta drizzly when I set out for my Saturday morning shortish-long run (6M) after sleeping in to the positively restful hour of 8am.

Oh yeah, it was the best - last weekend's shortish-long run. And also where I thought up that lovely and intriguing post title that you all could have cared less about. WHORES!

Kidding. I love you still. In that way where you still love your friend even after she ditches you at the bar and takes a cab home without telling you she's leaving but then texts you in the morning to be like, "Hey! I'm at Taco Bell. Do you want anything?" And because you're so hung over from your extra fifteen minutes of drinking that you forgive her because, after all, she is a nice chick who lends you her cute purse because it matches your outfit and, well, she's about to bring The Great Healer of Hangovers, Taco Bell, right to your doorstep. You feel sorta like a sell-out, but you really want a Crunchwrap Supreme, so you let it go. Still loving her, but hating yourself a little bit at the same time and feeling ashamed you're about to eat something as horrific-ly bad for you as a Crunchwrap Supreme.

You know what I mean.

And, just to refresh your memory, I was talking about my awesome run before I went off about Taco Bell. Sorry. I guess I'm feeling a little random today.

SO - The Best Run Ever - which was the other tantalizing-yet-ignored comment from yesterday's post was, indeed, quite good.

And since I haven't really said much about running since my last half concluded back in the first week of October, I felt I should give some sort of update so that you didn't think I'd hauled off and eaten myself into a chocolate-cake and apple-pie induced coma.

First, in a string of running type updates about which I feel you should be aware, it has become cold out in the morning hours. To the point where I've resumed wearing my fruity running tights and long-sleeves. And, during a moment of clarity while outlet shopping with the girls, I snatched up a pair of running gloves at a nice little price and have found that they are, indeed, something I needed very much.

Which is in stark contrast to what my doubtful mind had me thinking for, oh, the last three winters of running as I repeatedly visited the Athleta site and monitor-molested the gloves they have for sale.

I was, like, $27 for gloves? Come, now. That's ridiculous. They're just going to get all sweaty and boogery (don't act like your nose doesn't run when you're out in the cold) and gross and that's no way to treat an item that costs $27. I'll just let my hands warm up as I run. In fact, that will maybe motivate me to run faster.

Um, no. All these reasons are stupid. The gloves I got are great and are, RIGHT NOW, improving my life as they dry out from this morning's short three miler. I love them, is what I'm saying, and I can't believe I tortured myself for three winters when they could have been had for so little cash.

Meanwhile, I am a little proud that I held out and got the Nike ones for less than $20 because they also have a key pocket on the palm and a soft nose-wiper on the thumb. Handy and gross! Plus, I look like I think I'm a superhero or something wearing these things with my tights and my breathy long-sleeve top and we all know how much I like looking like a fucking idiot while running slowly around town.

So, whatever, it's not my favorite time of the year for running attire, but it does mean that the likelihood that I'll be running in the fog rather than under the blast furnace of an angry sun is very good. I like that. Running in the fog. Though, when it's foggy like it was last weekend, to the point where it has begun to drizzle, it means I can't wear my sunglasses without them hazing up.

I have yet to come across a pair of acceptable shades with a good set of lens-mounted wipers, so I'm left to prop these babies on my head and wait until the drizzle passes. Which it did last weekend, at about mile 5.5. Which - big whoop - because I was only out for an hour, which equates to 6 miles. Oh well. Small price to pay for an hour of foggy running goodness.

Another helpful update, more for me than you (sorry), is that I broke down and got another pair of my regular running shoes even though I said some things about moving over to trail running after last month's race.

Well, so you know, I haven't taken my show on the trail yet, so to speak. I figure that will probably come sometime in the spring when I have the wherewithal to drive to a running location rather than just run out my front door onto the paved streets of San Jose.

Plus, and this is pretty mind-bending for me, I'm back to enjoying my runs. Like, I don't begin to dread my Saturday morning long runs on, like, Wednesday, because I'm only going out for six miles and WHATEVER I'll be back in an hour, so no need to call out the cavalry if I don't drag my lifeless corpse back down the driveway in two and a half hours.

Which is what it starts to get like at the end of my half marathon trainings. It's all dramatic and annoying and I'm sure Bubba wants to stab me when I start clanging around in the kitchen at 5am so that I can get in the miles before the heat takes over.

No - now it's like super easy. And I've been expanding the ease at which I partake in my shortish-long runs by not only dissing the Camelbak and Luna Moons, but also leaving my watch behind (don't worry, we'll be back to Garmin-fueled running in no time) and forgetting the hat.

All these things make me feel more like I'm out doing something I want to do rather than something I've forced myself to do because one day I got all Big Ballsy and signed up for another half marathon because it seemed, like, so far away what's the big deal?

I can be such a jerk sometimes.

Anyway, I guess that's it for running updates. It's cold, I'm dressed like a freak, I have new gloves and shoes that don't leave my shins ON FIRE with splints and in a few weeks I'll go back out and trot for turkeys so that I can eat fries on the way to my mom's for Thanksgiving dinner.

Hey - at least we're consistent around here.



  2. my comment here really goes for the last 3 posts; i was just catching up on your blog and wanted to say hello.

    i hope that your mom will one day let you share her soup recipe. that was one of my favorite finny posts, espec the part about being good and bad and honest and just plain you. and i agree; fuckingawesome is just one word.

    glad you are running naked. the weather has been really glorious up here in sf, too.

    and i just got a daring haircut myself bc i am currently pregnant and feeling blah but somehow a trip to the salon helped me feel better. you are way cuter than j aniston. sorry, but i kind of hate her.

    dont give up on your novel. it's a crazy, superhuman feat to write that much in such a short time. just do it (maybe you should wear your new gloves while you type?)!

    and happy thanksgiving! enjoy the fries!

  3. Wow, you're right, I can't believe we overlooked the naked running comment either. What a waste of smart-ass comment fodder. Sorry, Finn.

    Maybe I'm coming down with the something. Swine Flu...? That must be it.

    (My story and I'm sticking to it.)

  4. Yay for the tights! Personally, I love running in tights much more than shorts. More comfortable. Not that I'm running right now, but I'm sure the tortuous accents will recommence after The Birth, so that I can maybe not look like Jabba a year after the reason for weight gain has arrived.

    I used to wear gloves when I ran, too. But just cheap thin gloves I got in my stocking one year for Christmas, the kind that cost less than a dollar at Target, and only because it was routinely below freezing when I was running and I was tired or trying to pull my sweatshirt sleeves over my hands, thereby creating a chokehold effect with the neck of my sweatshirt.

    Woe. Your running update made me all nostalgic for an activity that in reality I kind of hate. Also, it made me wordy. Going now . . .

  5. Ahem. "Ascents." Not "accents." Whoopsy.

  6. It really is true that there are shoes that don't make you feel like that guy in that Stephen King movie that got his legs bashed in by the crazy lady?!?! Well hot damn. Miracle do come true! :)

    I quit walking/trying to jog and not die until Spring. At least. It's like 13 degrees when I get up. I ain't about to get my ass out of a warm bed into 13 degrees. And I know in like a month or so we'll be well below zero and it literally is a case of "how fast can I get two kids into a van and buckled in" test every morning and then I drive 5 blocks and do the "how fast can I get two kids unbuckled and into the house" test. I think that all counts as exercise.

  7. P.S. Did you ever think that you would consider a six-mile run to be short and fun? I think that means you are a running stud.

  8. No Turkey Trot for me this year ;-( Maybe next year. If I stay injury-free.

    I'll be running vicariously through you on Thanksgiving morning.


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