Friday, February 15, 2008

Have you Adopted a Crop?

Perhaps I've been affected by legal minutia at work lately because I'm feeling inexplicably inclined to remind you to go vote on your Adopt a Crop of choice before I go slamming shut the voting and run off to the yard to plant things against everyone's supreme wishes.

Usually I'd just be like, "You had your chance now shuddup and leave me to my dirt", but I'm trying out a little patience and kindness here which you well realize is a departure from my typical self.

I will admit to not liking it a bunch, so don't expect a lot more of these kind of niceties. Plus, don't you like me better with my sassy rude pants on anyway?

See, me too.

So, go vote for the veg you'd like to watch grow up in my yard (*fingers crossed* it doesn't meet an untimely dog pee death or something), especially if you aren't a fan of Butternut Squash because that is what's currently leading the pack with 33% of the votes.

Also, right on that so many varying votes came in. While Bubba was all about the pickling cukes and why are you even asking for opinions just plant the damn cucumbers I like, I was excited in a dorky way to get y'all into the spirit of my garden so that I could have at least a small audience of interested eyeballs for my weirdo posts on tiny sprouts and LOOK AT THIS FIRST FRUIT and what not.

Now, don't go being a big fucking whiner if *your* veg isn't the big winner, k? Because you just never know if someone got overly anxious to get their seed order in and actually just hedged their bets and ordered all the vegs on the list. And you also don't know if someone makes a habit of planting at least a few more things than originally planned because the seeds are right there and what will it hurt, right?


So, whatever. Just something to keep in mind. But still, no promises. And don't look at me like that. You knew what you were getting into with me. I speedskate in the living room for godssake. Clearly I'm a little off my nut.


  1. Yes, we do prefer your sassy little self. ;-) I was going to whine some more about beets lagging behind, but then you gave me hope so I'll shut up. But hey, if the dog pees on the produce -- beets are your best bet -- being under ground and all! You know I wouldn't steer you wrong LOL!

  2. Must-not-submit-living-room-speed-skating-pictures-for-Fark PhotoShop-contest.


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