Friday, February 22, 2008

Funky again

Ya'll, I'm feeling funky again.

Like in that, football-is-over-and-baseball-is-a-ways-off-and-the-garden-isn't-growing-yet kind of way.

It's annoying and predictable and makes me all biggigity.

Which means that I must obviously need a project to keep my mind distracted from things like how come there's no good sports on TV and I wish I had vegetables growing in the garden to fondle.

And since I'm extra ADD - I am thinking I need at least two projects - and if some supplies arrive today from my friends at etsy, three projects, because my mind can't be funky AND do three projects at once as it turns out.

Salvation in chaos, I say.

Project #1: Amy Butler's Lotus Cami Tunic thingee

Kell sent this to me not too long ago and I want to make it and wear it just like this. Maybe over the jeans I just ordered from my favorite catalog of all time because WHOOPSY I think I just ordered a few things to ease the rainy day doldrums.

Well, these things happen.

So, tomorrow I plan to trot off to Eddie's and get some fabric and probably also some notions to put this baby together. With any luck it I will eye-fuck the measurements just right and it won't look retarded. I feel confident (probably unjustly so) since my last few items of Clothing I Made Myself from Amy's patterns came out decent and wearable and didn't look like *I made them myself* - which is an extreme bonus.

Project #2: Bake some lemon somethingorother

We picked sacks full of lemons and oranges from a friend's trees last weekend and now I'm getting the eye from Bubba which means I better get to baking some lemon somethingsorother pretty soon. Also, no one likes it when the lemons turn to dust in the fruit colander, which I found out the hard way will totally happen thanks to last year's debacle with six bags of lemons that didn't get used all the way. Ew.

Project #3: This is a dorky one that involves magnets, marbles and a dorkyDORKY collection I've been cultivating (also hiding) for a lot of years.

Once my stuff gets here I will get to dorking out for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned and then don't judge me, ok?

AND (I couldn't stop at three projects - what is my problem?) I *might* take a stab at rounding out the Anatomy of a Sweater project, too. See, there's just the one big piece left and it just needs a few seams to become something other than discarded ugly sweater meat, so I should just get it over with and declare victory which is what I was after to begin with.

One last thing: if you're keeping score (which, I'll admit, would be a little strange but OK) in the Adopt a Crop race, our friends the Pickling Cucumbers have taken a surprise lead and are now ahead with 24% of the vote.

I'm not going to say outright that I am suspicious of subversive shenanigans, but I'm not ruling it out is all.

Either way, once the rest of my seeds arrive (AND I'VE RECEIVED A SHIPMENT CONFIRMATION WOO!) I will call off the voting and declare a winner, so go vote if you care to see posts other than those accompanied by suggestive and inappropriate photographs, but this time with cucumbers.

If you like that sort of thing then I guess you can just sit there and be pervy because it looks like the world is working out in your weird way without you having to even turn off the Cinemax or anything. Lucky you, cucumber lovers!

Also, hey!, I'm still running for those of you wondering if I've flaked, but I'll give an update on that later.


  1. Would that be baggigity like a certain Cameron Diaz movie? LOVE it! "You're too big..."


    You are a busy lady! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the tunic - I love the shape!

    Personally I would start with making some lemon vodka..mmm

  2. Lemons! All of a sudden I have a craving for lemon bars and I don't even like lemon bars. Crazy!

  3. I have a question...

    long time lurker bla bla.. i love just a wee bit north of you and am going to/try to grow some tomatos..

    im looking for a good bagel/sandwich tomato..

    suggestions? Im a total noob when it comes to growing my own, but damnit if im going another year with the shit they pawn off at the store as a tomato.


  4. um- love


    hi, "preview" before you hit publish people.

  5. DomesticChicky - That's "biggigty" a la my friend KJ who says it all the time. Maybe she got it from Cameron? Either way, it works, no?

    Elizabeth - I don't like them either, which is why they're good to make. The plan is to make a "Lemon Bar Chart" for Bubba's work as a joke against The Man.

    Lisa - Better Boy tomatoes are the only way to go. That's all I grow. I know, it's no fancy ass heirloom blah blah blah, but I tell you - they are the best. They are about about softball size, great for slicing, great for homemade sauce, taste great right from the plant, hold up in a salad and have an incredible flavor. Try them out.

  6. Oh lemon bats sound delicious. I may have to go to your nursery and check out what I can grow this year... I definitely do not have a green thumb, so it will be interesting...


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