Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More words I'll stop saying

Specifically, "...and THEN we'll get a dog."

I think Bubba and I have spent the sum of our time together working toward One Thing. One Thing that will fill our hearts and lives with joy. One Thing that will fill a void that both of us have. One Thing that will put an exclamation point on our Happy and just round out the world in an ideal way.

However, that One Thing had to come after a whole bunch of other Things that weren't nearly as fun or lovable or even all that interesting.

Getting stable jobs: boring

Buying a house: Um, NOT fun

Putting in a fence: Not fun, lovable or interesting

Do 100 other projects that *have* to be done before the roof caves in/we starve to death/the yard dies/etc: Eh, not so much fun

But I'll tell you want IS fun, lovable, interesting and ideal: A dog.

Oh yes people our One Thing has been, ever since we got together oh so many (7) years ago, that we wanted a dog with all our combined beings.

Because I'd always had one and because he never had.

Because hardwood floors are mostly useless unless you have the clicking of dog toes on them.

Because you can hardly call it a house without the echoing of big dog slurps coming from the bathroom. (Personally, I find this funny.)

Because having a great neighborhood to walk around in is boring when you walk it by yourself.

So many becauses.

When the fence went up, the last Thing standing between us and Dog finally vanished. And that is when fate stepped in. Just because even Fate was sick of hearing, "...and THEN we'll get a dog."

As it happened, a friend of mine from work started showing up with only one of his dogs (he had two) at the turn of the year. I was obviously curious because this meant that I had one less dog to visit on my tour about the floor from desk to kitchen and therefore was being thrown off kilter.

As it turned out, his other dog had to go with his ex-girlfriend when she moved out a few weeks before and wouldn't be joining us in the office anymore. SAD.

That was when Fate swooped in, clunked our heads together and he asked me, in an ever so nonchalant way, if I (!!!) would want to adopt her since his ex was now moving overseas.


Ahem. So I might have started sweating. A little bit.

Of COURSE I wanted to adopt her. She's a great dog in every way. In the behavior way, in the sweetness way, in the cuteness way, in the used-to-the-office-life way; all the ways.

So, fast forward to today when she is lying at my feet in the office, licking everyone's faces and toes (if they only knew) when they come into the cube, and just fulfilling all the hopes we'd had for Life With Dog.


  1. aww she's so cute! What is her name? Is she now technically "a part of the family?" I should bring Buster over for her to play with. (our very boy-ish and adorable boxer)


  2. Very cute dog.

    My children and husband want a dog. I say no. I already have a houseful of boys. Who needs a dog?

    They won't stop asking, though.

  3. What a sweetie pie!!! We have three dogs and my 6 year old likes to tell people "we're a dog family":):)

  4. That's a face I couldn't say no to. She's lovely. Good thing you got all that prep work done before she needed you.

  5. Yay for dogs! Shes is adorable!

  6. Finny, I am SO excited that you got a dog! That's been on my "need to do" list. Which is more important than a regular "to do" list. She's gorgeous! How could you say no to those eyes? What's her name!

  7. Welcome sweet one. I can't wait to meet you in person!

  8. Aw, Finny - what a sweet dog! I would almost need to take her home, and we have a no-pet-policy (which is one of the things that rounds out my Happy - I have my reasons!)

  9. Look at that sweet face!
    (And you've totally got me thinking about all the "...and then we'll..." statements in our house.)

  10. Hooray! A dog! I'm so glad we're not the only ones who had a long "and then we'll..." list before getting a dog. It felt like forever before we got our dog, but when we found him, we knew he was perfect for us. Congrats!

  11. Congratulations! My hub and I, too, waited and waited till the time was right for a dog and we got Barley, who seems custom-made to us. No one has ever owned my heart as completely as he does. Sigh. In a very short while, you'll be lost to her forever!

    Delurking, Ashley


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