Friday, April 13, 2007

Fabric REdecision

Thanks to your-all's suggestions/comments/gentle chiding, I'm reconsidering the merits of the Surprise Cowboys.

Plus, thanks to the reality checks from TinkerBlue and Lera, I'm now considering ways that I can use all of this western motif so that I:

A. Don't have it lying around in my stash taunting me for my mindless purchasing habits,


B. Am able to bring subtle joy to a man who lets me call popcorn and G&T, "Dinner", without raising an eyebrow

Some ideas on the chopping block:
  1. Pillowcases - Check
  2. Napkins - We only use cloth napkins in our house, and this seems like an easy way to passive aggressively punish the cowboys for their mere existence
  3. Tote bags - So that when I get the evil eye from the Safeway cashier for bringing my own bags I can yell, "You better giddyup and put my shit in that bag before I lasso yer ass!"
  4. Sunglasses case - Request from Bubba
  5. Liner for a future purse - Which would require making another purse I don't need
  6. Purse organizer - I need a new, ahem, larger one anyway, so why not?
  7. Wide Leg Lounge Pants - Oh yeah, right. I have a project to complete this month.
What are your bright ideas? I know you must have some. I can't be the only one who's ever impulse purchased ridiculous fabric and then had to find ways to expunge it from the stash to save the shame of explaining it to anyone (Bubba).

How about this - If I use your idea for this, now monumental, task, I'll send you something made from said Surprise Cowboy fabric.

Don't like cowboys?

I know the feeling.



  1. I really like the purse liner idea - then you can have a "Mullet" purse - business on the outside, party on the inside!

    Otherwise...what about a beach tote? That's a fun pattern for the beach - maybe you could take a wicker thing and line it?

    What about a tie? It sounds pretty funny. With matching cummerbund?

  2. Personally, I love your idea for a tote bag for the grocery store. I would love to stay that to a clerk. But I would be laughing too hard before I could get to "giddyup" out of my mouth!

  3. Surely Bubba could use a cowboy grilling apron, right? Nothing sales grillin' like some fun with cowboys and steamin' cow patties.

    (You totally crack me up. I know I've said it before, but it's worth repeating.)

  4. Oops! That should say "says" instead of sales.

  5. Oops! That should say "says" instead of sales.

  6. I know this is far-fetched, but how about a toiletries bag (maybe plastic lined?) I go through those like crazy with the gym maddness and all...

    Maybe something easy-drawstring..


  7. I vote for matching pjs for you and Bubba along with the pillowcases:):)

  8. Ahem, what do you mean making another purse you don't need? IS there such a thing? Uh, no. The answer is NO! There are always gifts also, Missy. And the purse challenge beckons...
    Yep, you NEED more bags, yes you do.

  9. You could make Bubba a birthday crown, like Lera makes. And Bubba would have to wear it for the whole day.

  10. I was thinking of one of those bandana things, cause if Bubba is all in on the cowboy theme he will need them for riding the range. How does one get that pant pattern?

  11. What about making the recipe card holders from InStitches and putting some good ol' bbq recipes in it? yum yum.

  12. Hmmm, I'm thinking chaps. Ayup, definitely chaps.

  13. Last year I went to a make-your-own-purse party, drank a lot..A LOT...of wine and somehow ended up with a cowboy purse, even though I too am not a fan of western ANYTHING.

    A picture of the creation!

    Needless to say, it never gets worn. But it could be cute, maybe?

  14. Lord. I tried leaving a comment here all weekend and couldn't get my computer to work.
    I think you should make yourself a cute a-line skirt with that fabric, which you can pair with a red tank and some cowboy boots (or Chacos.)
    Or that big floppy hat pattern I am bringing you this week! :)

  15. Ms Adventures - I think just because Bubba was so excited about the cowboy fabric that I might have to make him a cowboy tie. Not sure how the cotton will work out, but it's worth a try.

    Beckie - Give giddyup a try - AfricanKelli has started working it into my vocab. Always gets a look.

    Lera - A grilling apron is a fab idea - but you know I'm not sure I'll have enough fabric left! can you believe?

    Fury - Drawstring pouches are always an idea for scrap fabric - good call.

    Raesha - I don't think I can take that much Cowboy. Although, Bubba has begun to covet my pants.

    Woof Nanny - Ok, ok - I know I can always use another bag. But I have a specific idea for the Purse Challenge and it does NOT involve cowboys.

    Tinkerblue - A crown? For Bubba? You must know how much I like to torture that man.

    Sharon - A bandana for the dog might be cute, too! All the patterns are in Amy Butler's newest book: InStitches.

    Katie - You are an evil genius.

    Jan - Chaps? You are way too optimistic about my sewing skills.

    Rosie - That purse is hysterical. I would carry it just for the novelty value.

    Kelli - I have a pair of pants in that pattern, I am sure I do not also need a skirt. Too much cowboy for this hippie chick! However, I have been considering trying out a pair of cowboy boots. TEE HEE! Bring that pattern. I lurve it.


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