Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Race to the weekend

Oh there's just been a slew of annoying drama around the Finny house, mostly due to the fact that I'm selling my old car since I got Leeloo a few months ago. And, if any of you have tried to sell a car yourself rather than getting ripped the hell off by a car dealership on trade-in, you know why I'm so verklempt.

I won't get into detail now, but rest assured, there will be an amusing (if not downright eyerolling) top ten list of STUPID ASS QUESTIONS that people ask you during the car selling process that make you want to kill oneself, to follow. As soon as I sell the car. And right now, it's not looking like that will happen soon. Not because the car is a piece of crap (it SO is not) but because people are ridiculous, unrealistic, flaky, moronic, picky fornogoodreason, maniacal animals when it comes to buying a new car. Nuff said for now.

Mean time, lets talk about something that doesn't make me want to rake everything off my desk into the trash, smash my desk lamp over the head of the next passerby and karate chop the friggen phone every time it rings.

The garden.

It looks good!

We have tomatoes happening:

And honeydudes blooming:

And lemon cukes blossoming and setting fruit:

Plus, determined hydrangea and lavender that have been managing through the recent heat:

And to top it all off, there are ONE MILLION yellow finches chowing the hell down on the bird feeder pretty much 24 hours a day. They're piglets in finch clothing, I'm telling you. They may pop with all the seed they put down.

Regardless, I love them long time and keep filling up the feeder so that they can flit around it and entertain me. Plus! If I'm watching the birds at the feeder, I'm not a psycho sitting in a vegetable patch staring into space. See how that works? I'm The Master Of Ass Sitting!

Something else that does not piss me off like so many used car "buyers" calling my house at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT (something I will surely cover in the forthcoming top ten list) is the unbelievable support Hubby and I have received for our sixth year of fundraising for AIDS Walk SF.

Normally I wouldn't blather on about the causes we support, but the selfless pushing forth of cash has astounded me -- and reassured me that there are caring, generous, reasonable, compassionate and all around good people in our world. Despite what my voicemail might dictate the day after my used car ad hits the circulars. To all of you who fundraise for your own chosen causes, work daily for the good of mankind, sponsor others for their chosen causes, order Girl Scout cookies from every parent in your workplace despite your low-carb diets, buy the chocolate with the white stuff on it from the boyscouts, etc - thank you for supporting worthy causes all around.

It's people like yourselves that keep me from losing my grip on reality and going on a spanking rampage with our push broom.

So, with all that AND two new Amy Butler patterns from Purl coming this week, I'm racing to the weekend -- a four day long one! -- with unbridled glee. Get me out of the canned office A/C and heels and into my breezy backyard and flip flops already!


  1. Mother Teresa checking in here. (You make me sound like a saint, God bless you.) I cannot wait to see that halter. LOVE! So, so cute. Make one quick like and show me. And then tell me if these fumbly fingers are capable of making one too!

    (I'm sending you lots of happy car selling vibes too Fin. Lots.)

  2. Ahh, my poor lil Fin. Sounds like you need a little R&R. You and hubby are very good people to do this. I swear after the wedding, I am going to be the best samaritan. :)
    I feel your pain on the retardedness of buyers, I once posted a house for rent on craigslist, and good lord, the amount of ridiculous emails that came pouring in, made me want to gouge my own eyes out....
    This weekend is going to be a great one for you. Be safe and have fun!
    I'll be in Vegas baby!!!


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