Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Pumpkins are coming! The Pumpkins are coming!

Ok, so no need to take cover, hide your children or start sewing your valuables into the lining of your clothes -- but the long discussed, prophesied and awaited pumpkins are...well...coming.


As soon as this guy has a buddy THEY will be coming. For now, he's showing up stag, so we only need to raise the alert levels to, say, orange (tee hee, get it, orange? Whoa.)

For now, Pumpkinzilla is joined by Honeydude:

A trio of strong-willed Better Boy tomatoes:

The greenest, meanest Cuke in town:

A virtual forest of wildly thriving lettuce:

and a mighty determined Moon and Stars watermelon who was rescued from beneath the wiry grasp of Pumpkinzilla by shear and nearly scythe:

And lest you think I've forgotton all other forms of vegetation beyond those that produce, well produce, my hydrangea is faring well in the johnny-come-lately heat:

Ok, have to run now. I have to go find a bathtub of vinigrette to go with my mound of lettuce for dinner.

Guess what my recent obsession has become? Go on. Guess.

1 comment:

  1. Do you think any of this vegetation will grow eyeballs? The VLA needs new recruits.


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