Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fancy Kitty

She has a hat.

She has a collar.

She comes complete with a matching needle roll and note cards.

And, damnit folks, SHE'S ORANGE! Which I love. Obviously.

She is FANCY Kitty...

See how she is waving at you? Yes, that is because she is also fully articulated.

Pinocchio-esque miracle performed en route by the USPS?

NO! Clever crafting on the part of SASW! Yes, the lovely orange buttons (of which there are five) connect the arms and legs to the body so that they can move freely and express the emotion of a fully FANCY kitty. The fifth button adorning her pointy hat (which I like to think is more a witch hat than a clown one) is purely decorative.

I must say, SASW did a fantastically clever job of designing this softie.


I didn't tell you that SHE DESIGNED THIS HERSELF?!

Well, she did. And clearly, she's a pro. I mean, sheesh, I could barely manage the Wee Wonderfuls Pointy Kitty with a full set of instructions and a caffeine rush.

Not to mention the added challenge SASW ran into when, as she tells it, the first FANCY Kitty had an unfortunate and deadly run-in with a toddler and had to be, ahem, replaced.

Reminiscent of the running Snowball catastrophe at 742 Evergreen Terrace, FANCY Kitty #2 will be accepted as FANCY Kitty #1 in our house, no questions asked.

Long live Snowball!


  1. Very cool! Glad the kitty was accepted. LOL

  2. Ari is so great. I had her as a partner before in BackTack! Love your kitty!!


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